🔥👉 Does a woman with a full bush sometimes let her male partner maintain it, or play with scissors and her bush? Is this more common with a very big bush?

Does a woman with a full bush sometimes let her male partner maintain it, or play with scissors and her bush? Is this more common with a very big bush?

"✅👉 There is no definitive answer to this question, as different couples have different preferences. However, it is generally considered more acceptable for a woman to let her male partner trimmed or play with her pubic hair, rather than doing it herself. This is especially true if the woman has a very large bush."

Rolando Smitham

Can a shorted 9V alkaline battery really start a fire?

Yes, if the 9V alkaline battery is shorted, it can start a fire.

Why does Singapore still have squat toilets and not bidet toilets even though it's a highly developed country?

There is no one answer to this question. Some possible explanations include traditional preferences, lack of awareness of the benefits of bidet toilets, or concerns about the cost or upkeep of bidet toilets.

What is the best used travel trailer under $20k that can sleep 6 people and be towed by a half ton pickup/SUV, eg Chevy Suburban?

There isn't a definitive answer for this question since there are so many different types and sizes of travel trailers available on the market. Some of the factors that would need to be considered include the size of the half ton pickup/SUV, the preferred sleeping arrangement, and the budget. Some good options to consider might be the Jayco Jay Feather 7, the Forest River Wildwood Grand Lodge, or the Keystone Outback Terrain.

Now that I'm a teenager, should I stop interacting with my father?

First and foremost, there is no single answer to this question since it varies based on individual circumstances. In general however, it is generally advisable for teenagers to continue interacting with their father even as they become teenagers. This is because the teenage years can be difficult and confusing ones, and having a supportive and involved father can be beneficial in helping a teenager navigate through this stage in life. Additionally, continuing to interact with one's father can help to maintain or strengthen the bond between them, which can be beneficial for both parties involved.

I downloaded a .zip I think may have malware, but I didn’t open it, put it straight to trash folder and deleted, is there any danger? Still safe to log in to websites etc.? I’m on Mac.

If you didn't open the zip, then there is no chance that the malware could have gotten on your computer. You can still log into websites and such with no problem.

Does Round Rock level retaining wall blocks?

Round Rock level retaining wall blocks can be used to level your wall. You will need to use a level to make sure that the blocks are even with each other.

Are some blood types able to fight this coronavirus better than other blood types?

There is no evidence that blood types have any effect on the ability to fight coronavirus.

How can I hide hosting information from whoishostingthis.com?

According to Whois Hosting This, the best way to hide hosting information is to use a WHOIS privacy service.

How does Lady Catherine shock Elizabeth when she unexpectedly calls at Longbourn? In pride and prejudice

Lady Catherine is shocked that Darcy would marry Elizabeth because she is not of a high class.

Operations Research: How do retailers estimate the shipping costs for the different kinds of products they stock?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different retailers use different methods to estimate shipping costs for the different kinds of products they stock. Some retailers might use a fixed shipping rate for all products, regardless of size or weight, while others might use variable shipping rates that are based on the size, weight, or volume of the product. Still other retailers might offer free shipping for certain products or orders, or use a flat-rate shipping fee for all orders. Ultimately, the method that a retailer uses to estimate shipping costs will depend on factors such as the types of products offered, the retailer's shipping policies, and the costs of shipping for the specific products in question.

In the Syria war, who is right? Is it Russia or the United States?

There is no easy answer to this question. Both Russia and the United States have taken different sides in the Syrian war, and each has valid arguments for why they believe they are right. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide who they believe is right.

What is the closest city to Bangor, Maine?

The closest city to Bangor, Maine is Hampden, Maine.

Among countries that share borders, which are the two with capitals farthest from each other?

The two countries that share borders and have capitals farthest from each other are Bolivia and Paraguay.

Is there any problem to choose OBC age relaxation even if I am not in the SSC CGL 2018?

Yes, you can choose OBC age relaxation even if you are not in the SSC CGL 2018.

Is lack of Dapps killing Ethereum?

There is no definitive answer to this question. While it is true that the number of new dapps coming to Ethereum has slowed down in recent months, it is unclear if this is because developers are losing interest in the platform or if there are simply fewer new ideas for dapps. If Ethereum is unable to attract new developers and dapps, then it may eventually struggle to compete with other blockchain platforms.

Are Covid patients to face ₹2,000 fine for violating home quarantine?

Yes, patients who violate their home quarantine may face a fine of ₹2000.

Which is the best brand for buying custom lights for decorating?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some popular brands for buying custom lights for decorating include Philips, Osram, and General Electric.

Why are there riots in a democratic country? Is it fake democracy, or can’t democracy solve the problem?

There can be many reasons for riots in a democratic country. It could be that people feel their voices are not being heard and that the government is not responding to their needs. Additionally, there could be socioeconomic inequality or discrimination that leads to frustration and anger. In some cases, it may simply be that people take advantage of a democratic system to stir up trouble.

With the advent of narcissm permeating through our culture, where do you draw the line between acting with kindness and not putting up with people's BS? Also, what's your opinion on passive agressive, pleasantly spoken manipulation?

I think that passively aggressive manipulation is a form of emotional abuse. It is a way to control and hurt someone without appearing to do so. I believe that it is important to be assertive and to set boundaries with people. If someone is being manipulative, you should kindly tell them that you are not going to tolerate it and ask them to stop.

Is there any point to keeping spare phone/laptop Lithium-Ion batteries in my house?

Lithium-ion batteries slowly self-discharge when not in use, so it is generally recommended to keep them stored in a cool, dry place.

How do you deal with getting mansplained in tech? As a woman, I’m part of an all men team and I’m trying to find the best way to steer the conversation. I also have questions since I’m new, but I’m also respectful but sometimes see the disparity.

It can be difficult to deal with getting mansplained in tech, especially when you feel like you are not being given the same level of respect or attention as your male colleagues. One way to steer the conversation is to ask specific, pointed questions that cannot be easily dismissed or ignored. It is also important to be respectful but firm in your questioning, so that you are not seen as pushy or confrontational. Finally, try to build relationships with your male colleagues so that they are more likely to see you as an equal partner in conversation.

When workers paint stripes on the road, how do they get perfect straight lines or curves? What is the technology here?

Road Workers use what is called a "Striping Machine". This machine can paint perfect straight lines or curves depending on how it is set up by the worker.

What are some scientific or non-scientific facts that could turn me into an atheist?

1. There is no evidence for the existence of any god or gods.
2. There is no reason to believe that any god or gods exist.
3. There is no evidence that prayer or any other form of communication with god or gods has any effect.
4. Many things that are attributed to god or gods have natural explanations.
5. The universe appears to be indifferent to us and our concerns.
6. Suffering and death are a natural part of life and do not appear to be caused by any supernatural being.
7. Most people who believe in god or gods do not live according to their professed beliefs.

We modulate several voice signals and send them through the air. Is this baseband or broadband?

This is broadband.

I see a lot of debutant directors making it into the mainstream South Indian cinema these days. How do these guys barely out of their college manage to get & convince producers for their movies?

I'm assuming you are talking about short/independent filmmaking. These days, it is easy for anyone to pick up a camera and start making movies. You don't need a college degree or to be associated with a big studio. You can find funding from a variety of sources, including private investors, crowdfunding, and government grants. There are also many film festivals that provide opportunities for new filmmakers to showcase their work.

Why can't caste based reservation be replaced with Income based reservation by making Filing of Income returns mandatory and it is also Computerized?

Caste based reservation cannot be replaced with income based reservation because it would lead to increased discrimination against lower caste groups. Additionally, it would be difficult to implement and enforce an income based reservation system.

Why is the formal word for "Hello" so long in Russian?

Hello in Russian is "Zdravstvuyte", which is a formal way of saying "hello". The word hello in Russian is Здравствуйте.

What are some leading project management companies in hotel openings?

Some leading project management companies in hotel openings are PMG Worldwide, The Resort Group, and JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group.

Is MCU Vision Human now?

The latest MCU entry, Avengers: Infinity War, shows that Vision is now apparently fully human. This is a dramatic change from the comics, where Vision has always been an android.

What will happen if Mr. Johnson asks the Queen to withhold assent to a successful "rebel" bill to stop the UK leaving the EU with no deal?

The Queen is obliged to withhold assent if advised to do so by the government. In this case, it is likely that the government would advise the Queen to withhold assent to a bill that would stop the UK leaving the EU with no deal.

What's a breakfast menu from another country that blew your mind?

A breakfast menu from another country that blew my mind was a breakfast menu from Japan that included items such as miso soup, rice, fish, and pickled vegetables.

Is China's attack in November 2021 on the Philippine's resupply boats in Philippine's water another proof that China does not follow international rules of law and is a thug?

International law does not prohibit countries from attacking other countries' resupply boats. China's attack on the Philippines' resupply boats in November 2021 is not proof that China does not follow international rules of law.

Are birthdays an achievement for us or for our parents? Should we celebrate birthday as our achievement?

Birthdays are an achievement for both us and our parents. We should celebrate our birthday as our achievement because it is a day that celebrates our existence. Our parents should also celebrate our birthday because it is a day that celebrates their parenting skills.

Can I get in any BITS (including Dubai) with a score of 216?

216 is not a valid score for admission in any of the BITS campuses.

Do you walk your hunting dog?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the type of hunting dog. Some dogs need to be walked in order to stay in shape, while other dogs may not need as much exercise.

Once we have spent a full year using lockdowns to control the coronavirus pandemic, will we stop using them or enforce them even more?

The answer to this question is unknown, as it will largely depend on the state of the pandemic at that time. If lockdowns are shown to be effective in controlling the spread of the virus, it is likely that they will continue to be used. However, if the pandemic is still raging out of control, more stringent measures may be necessary.

In Iron Man 1, around 1:30:00, Tony sends Pepper into his office to download some files off his work computer. Why couldn't he do that himself? Why couldn't he connect to it remotely or ask Jarvis?

He would not be able to remote in because he is not in the buiding and he can't ask Jarvis because it is a work computer.


We don't quite know. We know that Tony Stark is an inventive genius, but he's certainly not omniscient. It's possible that something went wrong with his computer, or that whatever file he needed didn't transfer by any means that he could access.
Alternately, it's possible that Jarvis is linked up to his personal computer, but only his work computer is on the office network. This hits home for a lot of people - I have one laptop that is connected to my work network, but my home computers are too slow to connect, or I'm worried about security vulnerabilities; this would allow Tony to remotely access his emails and calendar from home, but wouldn't give him full access to both his personal and work life from one device (something I understand Stark would prefer).

If the current Kage gets into a free-for-all (Shadow Hokage Sasuke included), who wins?

This is a difficult question to answer. If the Hokage were to team up with the other Kage, they would likely win. However, if they were to fight each other individually, it is difficult to say who would come out on top.

Quantum collapse interpretation that involves light?

A quantum collapse interpretation that involves light could posits that when a quantum system is observed, the act of measurement causes a sudden "collapse" of the wave function, which is associated with a sudden release of photons. This release of energy would then be interpreted as the "observation" of the system.

How can I get grass stains easily out of clothes with some bar of soap and handwashing but modern detergents/washing machine can't?

The ingredients in soap are more effective at removing grass stains than the ingredients in detergent. Additionally, handwashing provides more agitation than a washing machine, which also helps remove the stains.

In what ways can you be kind to others without making lot of effort? Any anecdotes of you guys helping out others unintentionally or doing something and later realize it meant everything to them?

Simply smiling at someone can make their day. Paying a compliment, holding the door open, or letting someone go ahead of you in line are all easy ways to be kind without making a lot of effort.

Is it the truth to say lies already beat the truth?

This statement is difficult to answer. In some cases, lies may "beat" the truth, meaning that the lie is believed instead of the truth. In other cases, the truth may be more powerful than a lie.

How do I stop picking at my face?

Here are some tips that may help:Try to keep your hands away from your face.Use a moisturizer or oil-free makeup remover to gently remove flakes, rather than picking at them.Wash your face twice daily and after sweating.Apply aichmophobia cream (may help to prevent picking).

How do you get rid of white lines in your nails?

Home remedies for white spots on nailsZinc Supplements. Some people suggest taking zinc supplements to relieve symptoms of White Spots on Nails.Apple Cider Vinegar Solution.Lemon and salt Water Solution.Horseradish Solution.Oregano Oil Treatment for White Spots On Nails.Coconut Oil Treatment for White Spots On Nails.

What causes little holes in nails?

Nail pitting can be caused by the psoriasis itself or from repeated use of corticosteroid medications applied to the nail to treat psoriasis. Nail pits are also a possible sign of Reiter’s syndrome, which is linked to arthritis and often develops in people who have psoriasis on the skin or mucous membranes.

Was former President Donald Trump aware of the records preservation laws when he chose to rip up papers that were later pieced together and sent to the national archive?

Former President Donald Trump was likely aware of the records preservation laws when he ripped up papers that were later pieced together and sent to the national archive. However, it is also possible that he was not aware of the specific laws and simply saw tearing up the papers as an easy way to dispose of them.

Where should the character of Amy in Veep (HBO series) go as far as her arc as the series moves forward?

The character of Amy in Veep (HBO series) should continue to be a source of competence and stability for Selina Meyer as she navigates the chaotic world of politics.

Has there been a rise in global waste recycling plants/sites fires? Also industrial and warehouse fires in the UK especially since the 23/03/2020 (UK lockdown start date)?

There has not been a rise in global waste recycling plants/sites fires since the start of the UK lockdown on 23 March 2020. However, there has been an increase in industrial and warehouse fires in the UK.

Do you think Donald Trump is growing weary of mounting problems and lack of adulation?

Donald Trump has always been a fighter, so it's doubtful that he's growing weary of the challenges he's facing. He's more likely to be invigorated by them.

What does temporary employment status mean at Walmart?

An employee with temporary employment status has a job with Walmart that is not permanent. This means that the employee may be hired for a specific period of time, or may be asked to leave when the company no longer needs their services.

How can one be free to love when love is never free (i.e. sacrifice, financial responsibility, etc.)?

It is possible to be free to love when love is never free. This is because love is an action, not a feeling. When we act out of love, we are free to love.

Wow, glad I found this for my underwear fetish. I am not into female panties but have quite a collection which tiltis to the gay side, I am Bi . Want.to see?

Ty' all are sexy and built. Would love to see you play and share Some hot sessions of wore, sex, pink undies in and out of butts and assholes.

Why can't I find any guy near me?

There could be a number of reasons why you cannot find a guy near you. Maybe you live in a small town or in an area with few eligible single men. Maybe you frequent the same places or have the same social circle. Perhaps you are shy or have trouble meeting new people. Whatever the reason, there are many ways to meet single men near you. Try online dating, attend local events or meetups, or join a club or activity group.

Is that Thor or Doctor Strange at the end of "Avengers: Endgame" special look trailer? Doctor Strange means everybody who died at the end of Infinity War will be back in the first 30 minutes of the film. Isn't that a huge spoiler?

The person at the end of the trailer is most likely Doctor Strange, as he is the only one who could have performed the time loop that is shown. However, it is possible that it could be Thor, as he is also shown in the trailer performing mystical feats.

When you go into the military, do they tase you? Are they mean? How long until you adjust? Do you also have to do the drowning underwater thing?

There is no universal answer to these questions, as every branch of the military has its own methods of training and hazing. Generally speaking, however, recruits can expect to be tased and put through other forms of intense physical training before they are accepted into the military. This process can take several weeks or even months, depending on the individual and the branch of the military in question.

How do I prepare for a phone interview for a project coordinator (MAPS) position in Apple?

To prepare for a phone interview for a project coordinator (MAPS) position in Apple, review the job description and requirements carefully. Familiarize yourself with the company's products and services, and brush up on your knowledge of project management principles and practices. Make a list of questions to ask the interviewer about the role, the team, and the company, and practice answering common interview questions aloud. Finally, make sure you have a quiet, uninterrupted space to take the call in, and that you are dressed and groomed professionally.

Why has the UK ambassador been left to personally sort visa applications from the ground?

The UK ambassador has been left to personally sort visa applications from the ground because the visa application process is a complex and time-consuming process. The ambassador is the best person to handle this complex process and to ensure that all of the required documents are submitted in a timely manner.

Tesla can now produce exceptional cars, but why is it still on the brink of failure?

There are a few key reasons. First, Tesla has been notoriously bad at executing on its promises. The company has repeatedly missed production targets for its cars, and it has been slow to roll out new features and products. This has led to customer frustration and has Hurt Tesla's reputation.

Second, Tesla has been burning through cash at an alarming rate, and it has been struggling to raise money. The company has had to take out loans and raise funds through equity sales, which dilutes existing shareholders.

Third, Tesla faces stiff competition from established automakers who are making their own electric cars. These companies have deep pockets and can afford to undercut Tesla on price.

Fourth, Tesla's cars are still relatively expensive, which limits their appeal to mass-market consumers.

Fifth, Tesla faces challenges with its batteries and Autopilot system. Both have been implicated in crashes, and the company is still working to improve them.

Is working as a principal less stressful than working as a teacher?

There is no definitive answer to this question as stress levels can vary greatly from individual to individual. In general, however, principals may experience less day-to-day stress than teachers due to having more administrative duties and less contact with students.

Do you think if an employer is commiting criminal acts that employees who started working for them in good faith unaware of the illegal side of the business be criminally charged also?

The employees may be charged as accessories to the crime.

Were there land/plantation owners in the Antebellum South who eschewed slave labor due to moral convictions?

Yes, there were some land/plantation owners in the Antebellum South who eschewed slave labor due to moral convictions.

Which is the best mud architecture firm?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different firms specialize in different types of mud architecture. Some of the more well-known firms include Atelier 3+1, Areen Design, and Ammar Binary.

Can a grandchild ask for their parents' adoption information?

If the child is 18 or older, they can request their parents' adoption information from the adoption agency.

What made the Polish resistance so effective in World War 2?

There is no one answer to this question as the Polish resistance was effective for many reasons. Some of these reasons include the fact that the Polish people were highly nationalistic and thus motivated to resist the Nazi occupation, the fact that the Polish underground had a good network of communication and organization, and the fact that many Poles were willing to take up arms and fight against the occupiers. Additionally, the Polish resistance benefited from the fact that Germany was distracted by other fronts in the war, which limited the amount of resources that the Nazis could dedicate to crushing the resistance.

I was looking for a meme on Google showing what things Democrats have done. All I get is Trump garbage. Is Google a right-wing group?

No, Google is not a right-wing group. However, the search results for "things Democrats have done" are largely dominated by content from right-wing sources. This is likely due to the fact that right-wing media outlets tend to produce more content that is critical of the Democratic Party than left-wing outlets.

Can Pakistani migration by the millions from tribal Pashtun, Gujjar and Jatt to America stop KKK lynching by white supremacists on blacks and Hispanics?

No, it is unlikely that Pakistani migration to America would stop KKK lynching of black and Hispanic people.

Do you really need to change the cabin filters in your cars every 10000 miles?

No, you do not need to change the cabin filters in your cars every 10,000 miles. Depending on the make and model of your car, the cabin filter should be changed every 15,000-20,000 miles, or once a year, whichever comes first.

Is MPhil a valid research as a PhD?

MPhil is valid research for a PhD.

What are some reasons Hong Kong like to continue to use Falun Gong even though mainland law prohibited Falun Gong?

Some reasons Hong Kong people might continue to use Falun Gong even though mainland law prohibits it could include that people in Hong Kong want to express their freedom of religion, they find the practice helpful or calming, or they enjoy the communityFalun Gong provides. Additionally, some people in Hong Kong may feel a connection to Falun Gong because they grew up with its practice or have family members who still use it.

Which coarse grain is grown in area which has sandy soil?

Rice is grown in areas which have sandy soil.

Wasn't it a myth that the UK was forced by the EU to accept all immigrants when in fact it had the freedom to regulate the numbers entering the country but chose not to?

No. The UK has always had the freedom to regulate immigration.

What does the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission mean for doctors?

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is a government initiative in India that aims to increase the use of digital technology in the healthcare sector. The mission will provide doctors with access to online health records, digital prescriptions, and other digital health tools.

What is individuality and why is it important?

Individuation is the process of becoming a unique individual. It is important because without individuation, we would all be the same.

Was Ireland only ever united as an island under Brian Boru?

No. Ireland has been united as an island under other rulers, but Brian Boru is the most famous.

What is the difference between a sit com and a soap opera?

Sitcoms are usually shorter than soap operas and have a laugh track. They also tend to be more light-hearted. Soap operas are dramas that usually deal with more serious topics and often have cliffhangers.

Why does my PC stay in BIOS instead of loading Windows?

If your PC stays in the BIOS instead of loading Windows, it is most likely due to a configuration issue in the BIOS. To fix this, you will need to enter the BIOS setup utility and change the boot order so that the hard drive is listed before any other boot devices.

How do I restrict WordPress page roles?

There is not a built-in way to restrict WordPress page roles. However, there are various plugins available that can help you do this. One option is the WP Page Restrict plugin. This plugin allows you to restrict WordPress pages by user role.

Why will embracing mobile either make or break your business?

There are a few key reasons why embracing mobile either make or break your business:

1. Mobile is ubiquitous - There are now more mobile devices in the world than there are people, which means that your potential customer base is larger than ever before. If you're not catering to this huge market, you're missing out on a ton of business.

2. Mobile is personal - People tend to be very attached to their mobile devices and use them for everything from keeping in touch with friends and family to managing their finances. This personal connection means that customers are more likely than ever to make impulse purchases on their mobile devices. If you're not set up for mobile commerce, you're missing out on a lot of potential sales.

3. Mobile is convenient - In our fast-paced world, people value convenience more than ever before. Mobile commerce allows customers to make purchases quickly and easily, without having to go through the hassle of visiting a brick-and-mortar store. If you're not making it easy for people to buy from you, they'll likely take their business elsewhere.

It is wrong for me to punch a homophobic person, who hurt my gay son for the sake of being homosexual?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on the specifics of the situation. Generally speaking, however, it is wrong to physically assault someone simply for expressing homophobic views. Your son may have been hurt by the individual's words, but that does not give you the right to resort to violence. If you feel that you must respond in some way, there are many nonviolent options available, such as verbally confronting the individual or making a complaint to authorities.

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