🔥👉 How can you tell, without dividing, whether the decimal equivalent of a fraction will be a terminating or repeating decimal?

How can you tell, without dividing, whether the decimal equivalent of a fraction will be a terminating or repeating decimal?

"✅👉 The decimal equivalent of a fraction will be a terminating decimal if the fraction is able to be expressed as a rational number. This means that the fraction can be expressed as a whole number or a fraction with a denominator that is only composed of 2s and/or 5s. The decimal equivalent of a fraction will be a repeating decimal if the fraction is not able to be expressed as a rational number."

Alice Kuvalis

Is the brain capable of broadcasting electrical signals to other brains? If so, what part of the brain is responsible?

There is no clear answer to this question. Some scientists believe that it is possible for the brain to broadcast electrical signals to other brains, but there is no definitive evidence to support this claim. Some experts believe that the pineal gland, a small endocrine gland located in the brain, may be responsible for broadcasting electrical signals to other brains.

How do you say 'hello party girl' in German?

greeting to someone who enjoys going to parties: "Hallo Partygirl!"

If I believe my great grandmother met an untimely death, how hard is it to get an exhumation order to have the bones tested to put our family's mind at ease?

It depends on the circumstances surrounding the death and the jurisdiction in which it occurred. Generally, exhumation orders are granted when there is reason to suspect foul play or when new evidence has come to light that was not available at the time of death. If the death was ruled to be natural causes, it may be more difficult to obtain an exhumation order.

If you’re out on pre-trial service and have an ankle monitor and then the courts enhanced your charge, can they lock you up again?

If the courts enhance your charge, you may be subject to being locked up again. This will depend on the severity of the charge and the decision of the court.

Does PayPal’s working capital show on a credit report?

PayPal's working capital does not show on a credit report.

What would you do if someone takes a glance or stares at your revealing cleavage?

I would ask them what they are looking at.

Why is it in baseball we see the term "sox" instead of "socks"?

The term "sox" is short for stockings, which was the original word used to describe the long socks that were worn by baseball players. Over time, the word was shortened to "sox" and it has been used to describe the team from Boston ever since.

Is affirmative action preferential treatment?

No, affirmative action is not preferential treatment.

Would a rocket fired in a barrel have a lot more energy?

答:A rocket fired in a barrel might have more energy, but it is unlikely to have a lot more energy.

How do I get funding for 3 different ideas each with different market and applications?

There is no easy answer when it comes to securing funding for multiple ideas. However, some options include writing a business plan for each idea and pitching the plan to potential investors, applying for grants or loans, or crowdfunding. Additionally, networking and building relationships with people in the same industry may help you secure funding from individuals or organizations that are interested in your ideas.

I think I might be gender fluid, but I'm scared and feel dirty. Any tips?

There's no shame in being gender fluid, and there are lots of people out there who feel the same way! Here are a few tips:

1. Talk to someone you trust about your feelings. This can be a friend, family member, therapist, or anyone else who can offer support.

2. Educate yourself about gender fluidity. There are lots of great resources available online and in libraries.

3. Find a community of other gender fluid people. This can be online or in-person. Connecting with others who understand what you're going through can be incredibly helpful.

4. Be gentle with yourself. Change can be scary, but it can also be really rewarding. Take things at your own pace and don't be too hard on yourself if things aren't perfect.

What did we learn about computer modelling groups in TSE?

Computer modelling groups in TSE typically use a variety of software programs to create models, includingAutoCAD, Revit, and 3ds Max. They often work with architects and engineers to create accurate models of buildings and other structures.

Mathematical Puzzles: S is a 9 element subset of the set of positive integers {1, 2, 3, ..., n-1, n}. For all S, there exist two distinct three element subsets, {x, y, z} and {a, b, c}, so that x + y + z = a + b + c, find the maximum value of n?


Does anybody (theist or atheist) actually want to live forever? Do they even understand what "forever" means?

Personally, I do not want to live forever. I think the concept of eternity is incomprehensible, and therefore "forever" is too. I don't think anyone could really understand what it would be like to live forever, so I don't think anyone knows whether or not they would want to do it.

What would cause serious night sweats and morning fatigue? Waking up completely soaked and feel awful now for 3 weeks straight.

There are many potential causes of night sweats and morning fatigue, including infection, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, menopause, and certain medications. If the symptoms are severe or interfere with daily life, it is important to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Why does NTT DATA pay so poorly?

There are a number of reasons why NTT DATA might pay its employees relatively low salaries. The company may be trying to keep costs down in order to be more profitable, or it may simply not have the budget to pay higher wages. Additionally, NTT DATA may have a lower cost of living in its home country, which means that its salaries may appear low when compared to salaries in other countries.

Why didn't WWII, with its vast death tolls, spawn a pandemic?

It is unclear why WWII did not spawn a pandemic. It is possible that the vast death tolls prevented the spread of disease, or that the war was not long enough for a pandemic to develop.

Why would a Victoria’s secret line for men be a success? Why isn’t L Brands (the holding company) rolling it out?

We don't know for sure if a Victoria's Secret line for men would be a success, but it's possible that it would be successful because Victoria's Secret is a well-known brand and many people already trust and like the brand. Additionally, the company already has a lot of experience with marketing and selling lingerie, so they might be able to successfully transfer those skills to marketing and selling men's underwear.

L Brands has not yet rolled out a Victoria's Secret line for men, possibly because the company is still testing the idea and trying to determine if it would be successful. Additionally, L Brands may want to focus on its other brands, such as Bath & Body Works, before expanding into new areas.

What if your student is a monkey?

If your student is a monkey, there may be some challenges in terms of getting them to sit still and focus on tasks. However, with some patience and creativity, it is possible to work with monkeys as students. For example, you may need to use short attention span activities or create a stimulating learning environment. Additionally, you may want to provide opportunities for your monkey student to move around frequently.

Is it true that if studying history always makes you proud, happy, and patriotic you probably aren't studying history? What makes this sentence wrong?

No, the sentence is not wrong.

What video games do you consider to be "Must Haves" for the original Playstation?

Final Fantasy IX, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, Spyro the Dragon, Tekken 3

Can a really big folder (more than a million files) slow an NGINX worker down?

A really big folder can certainly slow an NGINX worker down, but it really depends on the specific configuration of the server and the amount of resources that are available to the worker. Generally speaking, however, a worker should be able to handle a large number of files without issue.

What was a very addicting kdrama in the beginning but started to get boring towards the end? And, did you end up finishing it?


Yes, I finished it.

What makes you think that zodiac signs are bullshit or real?

There isn't a clear answer, and people have differing opinions. Some people believe that zodiac signs are simply entertainment and not to be taken seriously, while others believe that they may hold some truth and can be used as a tool for self-discovery. There is no clear scientific evidence either way, so it ultimately comes down to what you believe.

What’s the economical way to provide trappings on a transformer?

The most economical way to provide trappings on a transformer is to use a bimetallic strip.

What is the importance of wearing proper swimming attire in a swimming pool?

There are a few reasons for this. First, it ensures that everyone is comfortable. Second, it helps to keep the pool clean. Finally, it prevents people from accidentally exposing themselves to others.

Did Jan Hus ever translate his Latin work "De Ecclesia" into his native Czech?

There is no evidence that Hus ever translated "De Ecclesia" into Czech.

If two tourists had a baby in the US, is the baby eligible for jus soli?

Yes, the baby is eligible for jus soli.

As of 2020, since the start of the white race until now, how many British and English people have ever been born in the world?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is impossible to know how many people have identify as British or English over the course of history.

How can you make a photo small enough to fit into a heart-shaped locket?

You can make a photo small enough to fit into a heart-shaped locket by reducing its dimensions.

If your significant other doesn't talk to you much during meals anymore but claims that everything is fine, is the relationship in big trouble?

Yes, the relationship is in big trouble. This could be a sign of emotional or physical abuse.

What would happen if Newton had not discovered gravity?

Newton's discovery of gravity was revolutionary because it explained the previously unexplained motion of the moon and planets. It also allowed for predictions about the motion of objects in the universe. Without Newton's discovery of gravity, our understanding of the universe would be very different.

What are the major shares to be kept in radar for Indian traders in the coming week?

There are a few major shares that Indian traders should keep an eye on in the coming week. These include:

Reliance Industries


Hindustan Unilever

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Bajaj Finance

Why do scientists always question their knowledge?

Scientific knowledge is always provisional and subject to revision in the face of new evidence.

Would there be any issues in women wearing a men's Brazilian jiu jitsu gi?

There may be some issues with women wearing a men's Brazilian jiu jitsu gi, as the fit may not be ideal. Additionally, some women may feel uncomfortable wearing a gi designed for men.

How do I set/decide daily goals while preparing for IIT JEE?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the goals you set will depend on your individual circumstances and preparation schedule. However, some general tips that may be useful include:

- Make sure your goals are specific and achievable. For example, rather than setting a goal of "getting better at math," try setting a goal of "studying for two hours every day."

- Write down your goals and refer to them often to help keep yourself on track.

- Create a study schedule and stick to it as much as possible. This will help you stay organized and make the most efficient use of your time.

I’ve only ever worked at no experience needed jobs (fast food, etc.). What happens when you apply for careers (nursing, dental, etc.)? Does someone show you the ropes?

Do you just act and pretend you know how to do things? Is there a training phase? I’d like to be in healthcare eventually.

Typically, employers will want you to have experience in the field. In nursing, there are internships and clinical rotations that students do in order to gain experience and build their skills. Dental offices usually have a training period for new employees, where they will show you the ropes and help you get acclimated to the office. There may also be some online or in-person courses that you need to take in order to learn more about the specific procedures that are done in that office.

What is the Military relationship between South Korea and Japan? Are they allies, friends of friends, or something else?

The military relationship between South Korea and Japan is complicated. They are not formal allies, but they are friends of friends. The two countries have a strong economic relationship, and they cooperate on many security issues. However, they also have a history of conflict, and there are territorial disputes between them.

How do I recover an iPhone stuck at the Apple screen?

There is not a specific method to recover an iPhone that is stuck at the Apple screen. However, you can try restarting the device or performing a hard reset. If these options do not work, you may need to contact Apple for further assistance.

After attempting pull-ups, only my right bicep hurts. My left arm feels completely normal. The pain is continuous even when my right arm is stationary. What am I doing wrong?

There are a few potential explanations for this. First, it's possible that you have an imbalance in your bicep strength, meaning that your right bicep is significantly weaker than your left. This can be due to a number of factors, including genetics, previous injuries, or dominant handedness. Second, it's possible that you're using your right arm more during pull-ups, leading to fatigue and pain in that muscle. Finally, it's possible that you have an form issue when performing pull-ups that is causing your right bicep to work harder than your left.

If you suspect that you have a strength imbalance, the best course of action is to consult with a certified personal trainer or physical therapist who can help you assess your strength and develop a plan to improve your right bicep strength. If you think you are using your right arm more during pull-ups, focus on using both arms equally throughout the movement. Finally, if you believe you have a form issue, again seek out the help of a certified professional to ensure that you are performing the exercise correctly.

Why do notebook prices increase but pen prices are the same in the last 1 decade?

There are a number of reasons for this. Pen prices are relatively unaffected by inflation, while notebook prices are. Additionally, technological advancements have allowed for cheaper production of notebooks, while there have been few advancements in pen production. Finally, pens are a commodity product with little differentiation between brands, while notebooks have a wider range of features and price points.

How do I write sexy without being sexist?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there is no one answer that will work for everyone. You'll need to experiment to find what works for you. Some things to keep in mind:

- Use language that is both respectful and erotic. This means avoiding sexist or degrading language.

- Be aware of your tone. Be confident and seductive, without being threatening or overwhelming.

- Use descriptive language to paint a picture in your reader's mind. Focus on the senses, and create a scene that is both hot and sexy.

Why do white nationalists still cite Hitler as some kind of symbolic leader? Toward the end of WWII, he denounced the German people and "Aryan Race" as cowards who failed him, and that they should all die off because of their failure?

There are a few possible reasons for this. First, Hitler was a very effective leader during his early years in power and helped bring about a period of economic prosperity in Germany. Additionally, his aggressive foreign policy led to a number of military successes, including the annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland. Finally, he was seen as someone who was willing to take bold and decisive action, even if it meant violating international law or making enemies.

For white nationalists, Hitler is seen as a symbol of racial purity and strength. They believe that he was someone who was willing to stand up for what he believed in and fight for the survival of the white race. Additionally, they view him as someone who was able to effectively challenge the prevailing liberal order.

Why does over-devotion bring danger?

Over-devotion can bring danger because it can lead to obsession, which can cause people to do things they normally wouldn't do. Additionally, over-devotion can make people blind to reason and logic, which can put them in danger.

What are a few examples of super-villains displaying acts of heroism? They need to be genuine, too, not just as part of a job.

A few examples of super-villains displaying acts of heroism are as follows:

1. Doctor Doom saved the life of his arch-rival, Mister Fantastic, on multiple occasions.
2. Magneto has worked with the X-Men on numerous occasions to defeat a common enemy, despite their ideological differences.
3. Apocalypse has fought alongside the X-Men and other heroes on numerous occasions, despite being one of their most powerful enemies.
4. The Joker has saved Batman's life on multiple occasions, despite being his greatest foe.

Is ability to whistle in humans determined by genetics?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there is no known genetic marker for the ability to whistle. However, some experts believe that the ability to whistle may be determined by the size and shape of a person's mouth and lips.

Are there any legal issues with Wine and ReactOS?

There are no legal issues with using Wine with ReactOS. However, ReactOS is not affiliated with Wine and does not support Wine development.

Is “The Prime Minister himself inaugurated the exhibition.” emphatic or reflexive?

This sentence is emphatic.

What would Dostoevsky think of The Shining? (and/or room 237)

There is no one answer to this question.

Does the Leader of the Opposition ever meet the Queen?

The current Leader of the Opposition is Sir Keir Starmer, and he has not yet met the Queen.

Do doctors have any say in what medicines they prescribe or are they just told by their company what to give patients?

The answer may depend upon the country in which the doctor practices. In the United States, doctors can prescribe any medication they think is appropriate for their patient, as long as it is FDA approved. The pharmaceutical company may provide guidance to the doctor on what their medication is approved for and any new information, but the doctor has the final say.

Can you share your SSC CGL full strategy? How did you prepare for all subjects? Please mention all books, materials, teachers, and paid courses used by you for SSC preparation from scratch.

I started my preparation for SSC upon completing my graduation in June, 2016. I prepared for all the subjects on my own by referring to the internet and YouTube channels. The strategy that I followed was to first understand the concepts thoroughly and then solve as many questions as possible so that I could apply the concepts learned to solve problems.

The books, materials, teachers, and paid courses that I used for SSC preparation are as follows:

1. Books:

a) NCERT books from class 6th to 12th: For general understanding of all subjects
b) Objective Mathematics by R.D. Sharma: For practice in Quantitative Aptitude
c) English Grammar by Wren and Martin: For practice in English Language
d)Quantitative Aptitude by Arihant Publications: For more practice in Quantitative Aptitude
e)General Intelligence & Reasoning by RS Aggarwal: For more practice in Reasoning Ability

2. Materials:

a)The Hindu newspaper: For current affairs and reading comprehension passages
b)Yojana and Kurukshetra magazines: For static GK
c) Manorama Yearbook: For reference in Static GK
d)Previous years’ question papers of SSC CGL: For better understanding of the exam pattern and types of questions asked.

3. Teacher:

I didn’t take any formal coaching for SSC preparation but my mother used to help me with the Mathematics paper as she is a mathematics teacher by profession. Also, I had joined a speaking course at British Council which helped me improve my communication skills and develop confidence.

4. Paid course:

I had enrolled for an mock test series offered by a popular coaching institute which helped me get an insight into the actual exam pattern and level of difficulty of the questions asked.

Why do some Markets have more clear, easy to trade, horizontal levels (support and Resistance) than others?

Some markets have more clear, easy to trade, horizontal levels (support and resistance) than others because they are more liquid. Liquidity is determined by the number of buyers and sellers in the market. The more buyers and sellers there are, the easier it is for prices to move in a particular direction. When there are more buyers than sellers, prices tend to go up, and when there are more sellers than buyers, prices tend to go down.

Of the plagues of Egypt mentioned in the Bible, why is darkness often thought to be the worst?

Darkness is often thought to be the worst of the plagues of Egypt because it would have been the most disorienting and difficult to cope with. Imagine being plunged into complete darkness in the middle of the day - it would be disorienting and scary, and would make it very difficult to do anything.

What is the easiest career in the criminal justice field to enter?

The easiest career in criminal justice to enter is typically a career in law enforcement. Many law enforcement agencies have entry-level positions that do not require a college degree. These entry-level positions may require completion of a training academy.

What do you think of Trump being portrayed as a liar, and is still complaining that the election was stolen from him? People are fearful that Trump is trying to become a dictator and overthrow the government. What do you think?

I think it is dangerous for Trump to be portrayed as a liar, and I think people are right to be fearful that he is trying to become a dictator.

What are some marketing ideas? I want to market my packaging business.

1. Give free samples to potential customers
2. Sponsor a packaging-themed event
3. Offer a discount for customers who mention your business
4. Give a presentation on your packaging business at a local Chamber of Commerce or business group meeting
5. Place ads in local newspapers and magazines
6. Create a website and use social media to promote your business

Can a director be a cinematographer at the same time?

Yes, a director can be a cinematographer at the same time.

What healthy adult predators, apart from orcas, could never be killed by another animal (apart from an armed human)?

Adult tigers, lions, bears, and crocodiles.

Can CPU liquid cooling also improve air flow within the casing itself?

It is possible that CPU liquid cooling can improve air flow within the casing, but it is not guaranteed. CPU liquid cooling may help to improve airflow if the CPU is the primary source of heat within the system, and if the cooling system is designed in a way that allows for better airflow throughout the case. However, it is also possible that CPU liquid cooling could impede airflow if the cooling system is not designed properly, or if the CPU is not the primary source of heat within the system.

What is the consistency between sensors of FreeStyle Libre? Last week my sugars were unusually low and this week with a different sensor they are unusually high.

There is no definitive answer to this question as glucose readings can be affected by a variety of factors, including the type of sensor used. It is possible that the readings may be affected by changes in the sensitivity of the sensors, or by other factors such as environmental conditions or the individual's own metabolism.

Who is the best teacher for IPCC Tax in Patna?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different students will have different opinions. However, some popular choices for the best IPCC Tax teacher in Patna include Sanjay Saraf and Amit Jain.

How dangerous is Marvel's Cancerverse? Is it more dangerous then the Marvel zombie universe?

There is no one answer to this question as the level of danger in the Cancerverse varies depending on the story. In general, however, the Cancerverse is considered to be more dangerous than the Marvel zombie universe due to the fact that it is inhabited by cosmic beings who are sworn enemies of life itself. Additionally, the environment of the Cancerverse is incredibly hostile and toxic, meaning that any living creature would have a difficult time surviving there.

What condition/appearance would a corpse have 20 years after being interred in a crypt?

A corpse that has been interred in a crypt for 20 years would appear to be skeletonized.

Wormhole travel could be hard. But theoretically can data be transmitted through a wormhole to fish for potential alien life in far away galaxies?

Yes, it is possible to transmit data through a wormhole.

Is it normal for an emotional, highly sensitive person to feel out of place in a software engineering culture?

There is no one answer to this question as emotional and highly sensitive people can vary greatly in how they react to different environments. However, it is possible that an individual who is emotionally sensitive may feel out of place in a software engineering culture that values logic and critical thinking over emotions. This type of environment can be challenging for someone who is more sensitive and takes longer to process information. It is important to find an environment that supports your individual needs in order to feel successful and comfortable.

Why is Trump so determined to shut down the US postal service? Of course there is waste, wanna talk about military waste? Seriously, anyone have an idea?

There are several possible reasons why Trump might be interested in shutting down the US Postal Service. One possibility is that he believes that the postal service is inefficient and wasteful, and that privatizing it would be more efficient. Another possibility is that Trump has financial interests in private shipping companies, and he believes that privatizing the postal service would benefit those companies.

How do you stick stainless steel together?

You can stick stainless steel together using strong adhesives, welding, or brazing.

What did a data scientist do at your company that you will never forget?

A data scientist at my company once used data to predict which of our products would be most popular with customers. He was able to correctly predict which products would be our bestsellers, and which would be our worst sellers. This information was extremely valuable to our company, and helped us make better decisions about which products to produce and sell.

Is the Jet Body Board from 3ccase.com a scam?

There is no definitive answer, but it appears that 3ccase.com may not be a reputable company. There are many complaints online from customers who say they never received their orders, or that the products they received were not as described. It is also difficult to find contact information for 3ccase.com, which is another red flag. If you are considering ordering from this company, you may want to do some more research to make sure they are legitimate.

Do you love mountain living and breathing in clean air?

Then our Brand New Luxurious Two-Story Location is for you!! You will love our Community. Our Property Features: •...

$1075 monthly Book now

What chemical allows a potato to act as a battery and can it be extracted?

The chemical is potassium, and it can be extracted from a potato by running an electrical current through it.

Can someone help me interpret my dream?

In your dream you are reconnecting with a part of yourself that you have lost touch with. This part of yourself represents your creativity, spontaneity, and childlike sense of wonder. By reconnecting with this part of yourself, you are opening up new possibilities for self-expression and personal growth.

Why does the top GOP senator Sen. Roger Wicker say it's 'an impossible sell' for Republicans to strike a deal on an infrastructure package that rolls back Trump tax cuts?

The main reason is that such a deal would increase the deficit, and Republicans are generally opposed to anything that would do that. Additionally, it would be difficult to sell to their base, as many of them would likely see it as a betrayal of their principles.

What are some websites specifically for people to encourage, support, and help each other accomplish their goals?

1. 43Things

2. Habitica

3. RealtimeBoard

4. Beeminder

5. TickTick

Are criminal gangs unloading Bitcoin because now they realize that Bitcoin can't be used for criminal activities? Is that why Bitcoin is seeing such selling pressure?

I doubt it. I think the selling pressure has more to do with the general market conditions than anything else.

Has Manny Pacquiao ever been the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world?

Yes, Manny Pacquiao has been the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world on multiple occasions.

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