🔥👉 If you never change your oil, when it finally dies, will it probably seize up suddenly on the road?

If you never change your oil, when it finally dies, will it probably seize up suddenly on the road?

"✅👉 Yes, if you never change your oil, the engine will eventually seize up suddenly on the road."

Darrin Smith DDS

Why do most people not believe emotions make them weak? Is this mass denial?

There is a lot of stigma surrounding emotions and vulnerability. Society tells us that we need to be strong, independent, and invulnerable. We're taught that emotions make us weak and that showing them is a sign of weakness. This mass denial of emotions leads to a lot of people repressing their feelings and trying to pretend like they don't exist. It's a way of protecting ourselves from the pain and hurt that comes with being emotionally open and vulnerable.

What's your reaction to the U.S. men's team national soccer coach Gregg Berhalter saying after a 2-0 qualifier loss to Canada "We dominated and the team effort was outstanding"?

There are mixed reactions to U.S. men's soccer coach Gregg Berhalter's post-game comments after the team's 2-0 loss to Canada. Some say that his assessment of the match is inaccurate and that the team did not dominate, while others believe that his positivity is exactly what the team needs in order to rebound from the disappointing result.

While extracting a maxillary wisdom tooth, I saw horizontal fibers and a headache started in the patient. What’s the problem?

The horizontal fibers indicate that the tooth is impacted. The headache may be due to the pressure of the impacted tooth on the surrounding structures.

If you fly private, do they still have to search your bags?

There is no universal answer to this question, as it depends on the policies of the specific airline and private charter company. However, it is generally advisable to assume that your bags will still be subject to search, especially if they are going through security screening.

How many small arms workshops and companies got the right to manufacture the Ruby .32 ACP pistol?

In 1926, the Mexican government awarded the contract for the Ruby .32 ACP pistol to a consortium of six small arms workshops and companies.

Are short-term capital gains included in taxable income?

Short-term capital gains are included in taxable income.

Why can't we conclude that the RBI is only a paper tiger under the Banking Regulation Act since it has failed to unearth frauds in the PMC and PNB in their inspection and reviews?

The RBI is not a paper tiger under the Banking Regulation Act. It has uncovered frauds in the PMC and PNB in their inspection and review process.

Does making lunch the major meal of the day keep you healthier?

There is no evidence to support the claim that making lunch the major meal of the day has any health benefits.

What is the basic difference between Indian Muslims and Pakistani Muslims?

There is no single answer to this question as there are a number of differences between Indian Muslims and Pakistani Muslims. Some of the key differences include religious beliefs and practices, cultural traditions, and political attitudes.

Why Indian IT Industry is linguistic biased/ regional biased?

The Indian IT industry is often accused of being linguistic and regional biased. This is because the industry relies heavily on English-speaking workers from India's metropolitan cities. While this provides a pool of skilled workers, it also shuts out many talented people from other parts of the country. This can create an imbalance in the distribution of wealth and opportunities, as well as contribute to social tensions.

Can I transfer my car's paper, which I purchased in the Gati Dhara scheme, from Kolkata to Mumbai?

Yes, it is possible to transfer your car papers from Kolkata to Mumbai.

How are the synth sounds created?

The synth sounds are created by the oscillators and filters. The oscillators generate the basic sounds, and the filters modify those sounds to create the desired effect.

Can one write a scientific definition, such as the one in 3 Idiots and the Big Bang Theory?

It is possible to write a scientific definition in a way that is similar to the way 3 Idiots and the Big Bang Theory are written.

If you are dressing up as a policeman, is it impersonating a police officer if you have the words 'I'm not a policeman' in big and bold letters written on your front and back?

No, it is not impersonating a police officer.

Do any US cities/towns have "rival" cities/ towns? What is your rival?

There are many cities with rivalries, but not all of them have an official "rival." For example, the cities of New York and Los Angeles are often considered to be rivals, as are the cities of Chicago and Detroit.

Why do people from developed nations not like it when refugees show up running from conflict zones?

Some people from developed nations may not like it when refugees show up running from conflict zones because they may be afraid that the refugees will take their jobs, or because they may not want to deal with the challenges that come with integration. Additionally, some people may simply be xenophobic or have a fear of people who are different from them.

If I want to leave the finance industry, what else can I do that will somehow leverage my current skills and not involve a dramatic change in lifestyle?

There are many options available to those seeking to leave the finance industry. One option would be to pursue a career in financial planning or accounting. Another option would be to become a financial analyst or consultant. Finally, one could also consider pursuing a career in teaching or research.

Why is my iPhone X face ID not working? There’s some issue with the true depth of my camera and showing like move face upwards and downwards and not detecting my face. Can anyone help me?

This is likely due to a problem with the TrueDepth camera system on the iPhone X. Try restarting your device and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you may need to contact Apple support for further assistance.

How do I create a clear life vision statement, good minutes, and daily self?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to create a clear life vision statement, good minutes, and daily self will vary depending on your individual goals and circumstances. However, some tips that may be helpful include:

1. Define your ultimate goal. What do you want to achieve in life? This will be the foundation of your vision statement.

2. Create a timeline for yourself. What steps do you need to take to achieve your goal? This will help you break down your vision into manageable chunks.

3. Write down your vision statement. Once you have your goal and timeline defined, it's time to put it into writing. A clear and concise statement will help keep you focused on your goals.

4. Review your statement regularly. Make sure to keep your vision statement in a place where you can see it often, such as on your mirror or refrigerator. This will help keep you motivated and on track.

5. Take action steps each day. In order to achieve your vision, you'll need to take concrete steps towards reaching it. Make a plan for each day, and stick to it!

Why do Indians not say "thank you" for very small favors (passing the salt at the dinner table) more often to their parents as Americans do?

There is no one answer to this question. One possibility is that Indians may not express their gratitude for small favors as often because they may take their parents' help for granted. Another possibility is that Indians may simply have different customs when it comes to expressing gratitude.

If mass contracts space time, what's the effect of a black hole on it?

A black hole is a massive object that warps space and time around it. The closer you get to a black hole, the more space and time gets warped.

What are the steps on determining projected operating cash flows if the exchange rate falls?

1. Determine the impact of the exchange rate on the company's revenue and expenses.

2. Estimate the company's future revenue and expenses in local currency terms.

3. Convert the estimated future revenue and expenses to US dollars using the current exchange rate.

4. Subtract the estimated future expenses from the estimated future revenue to arrive at projected operating cash flows.

In which season are pine cones found?

Pine cones are found in fall.

How do I print a poster size on a Mac?

There is no standard poster size for MAC computers, but you can print a poster sized image by resizing it in the Preview application. To do this, open the image file in Preview and click on the “Tools” menu. Select “Adjust Size” from the menu and change the dimensions of the image to the desired poster size.

Are most products that gain significant traction "great since day one"?

No, most products don't gain significant traction "great since day one".

I had a dream that I licked a girl's foot. What does this mean?

There is no one answer to this question as dreams can be interpreted in many ways. Some people might interpret dreaming of licking a girl's foot as a sign of sexual desire, while others might interpret it as a sign of submissiveness or servitude. It could also simply be a symbolic way of indicating affection or appreciation. As with all dreams, however, it is best to consult with a professional dream interpreter to get the most accurate reading.

Do yo have any single mom friends?

I'm not sure.

How does the mass of a particle change when its velocity increases?

The mass of a particle changes when its velocity increases.

Why do we oppose global warming when rising temperatures globally were causing 116,000 more heat deaths annually, but also leading to 283,000 fewer cold deaths a year?

There are a number of reasons to oppose global warming, even though it has some benefits. Global warming is causing more extreme weather events, which can damage infrastructure and lead to loss of life. Additionally, rising temperatures are melting glaciers and causing sea level rise, which can lead to flooding and displacement of people.

We have a friendly dog. Why do all the dogs in our neighborhood take an aggressive stance towards our dog as we walk by?

It could be that the other dogs are not used to seeing a friendly dog, and they may be confused or threatened by it. It is also possible that the other dogs have had bad experiences with dogs in the past and are therefore naturally distrustful of all dogs.

How can I grow my Instagram? I would like to use the platform to help my comedy career.

This is a great question! Here are some tips:

1. Use hashtags to get discovered. When you use relevant hashtags, your posts will show up in the explore page for that hashtag, which can expose your account to new followers.

2. Engage with other users. Like and comment on other people's posts, and follow accounts that you're interested in. Chances are, they'll return the favor.

3.Post high-quality content regularly. If your feed is full of interesting, eye-catching photos and videos, people will be more likely to stick around and follow you.

4. Use Instagram Stories. Stories are a great way to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your life and work, and they can be a fun way to interact with your audience.

5. Use Instagram ads. Ads are a great way to reach new people who might be interested in following you.

Why does culture remain integrated?

Culture remains integrated because it is based on shared values, beliefs, and traditions that promote cohesion and solidarity. It provides people with a sense of identity and a sense of belonging to a community.

Why is a Catholic not allowed to marry into the royal family in this day and age of equality for everyone?

In the past, the royals were Protestant and the head of the Church of England. A Catholic marrying into the royal family would have caused conflict within the monarchy. Today, there are no restrictions on religious marriages within the British royal family.

What will be India's response to Pakistan including Jammu and Kashmir in their new map?

There is no official response from the Indian government yet, but unofficial sources say that India is deeply concerned about Pakistan's new map and will be taking appropriate diplomatic steps to ensure that Pakistan does not change the status of Jammu and Kashmir.

Wouldn't cases of brain damage disprove the idea that consciousness goes on after death because it affects consciousness?

There is no scientific evidence that consciousness goes on after death, so cases of brain damage cannot disprove this idea.

How many languages do you know? How do you learn more than one language?

I know three languages: English, Spanish, and French. I learn more than one language by studying grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation in each language. I also listen to audio books and watch movies in the target language.

What is the most comfortable country to live in?

There is no definitive answer to this question as what constitutes "comfortable" varies from person to person. Some factors that could contribute to a country's comfort level include climate, cost of living, crime rates, and availability of amenities.

What was your worst hiring ever?

My worst hiring ever was an individual who I thought was highly qualified for the position. Unfortunately, it turned out that this person was not a good fit for the company culture and ended up quitting after only a few weeks.

What's an ideal strategy to clear SSC CGL to secure a job in the MEA?

There is no ideal strategy to clear SSC CGL to secure a job in the MEA. However, some tips that may be useful include:

1. Start preparing for the exam well in advance.

2. focus on all sections equally.

3. Time management is key during the exam.

4. Answer all questions, even if you are not sure of the answer.

Who is the best killing machine, Slade Wilson or Wolverine? How many armies can each kill?

Wolverine is the best killing machine. He can kill armies single-handedly.

I intentionally block my debit card, but can it still be used on any online transaction?

When your debit card is blocked, it can no longer be used for transactions. This includes online transactions.

How can a patient who has eaten food containing steel wool be treated?

A patient who has eaten food containing steel wool should receive medical attention. If the steel wool is still in the patient's mouth, it should be removed. The patient may need to receive emergency care if he or she has difficulty breathing or swallowing.

What is the best thing for severe chronic back pain?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best treatment for severe chronic back pain depends on the underlying causes of the pain and the unique needs of the individual. However, some common treatments for this condition include physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and heat/cold therapy.

Why does holding my girlfriend's hand calm me down so much?

It is likely that the act of holding your girlfriend's hand triggers positive emotions and calming sensations due to the release of oxytocin, also known as the "cuddle hormone." Oxytocin is associated with happiness, stress relief, and feelings of warmth and love. Additionally, the physical act of touch has been shown to have calming and relaxing effects on the body.

What is the political forecast for Matt Gaetz, and is he the first of many right-wing Republicans that will be exposed for what they truly are?

The political forecast for Matt Gaetz is uncertain. He is the first of many right-wing Republicans who may be exposed for their true beliefs and actions, but it is unclear how much damage this will do to his career or reputation.

Which is better for a student of BIT Mesra, to stay near college or in Ranchi?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual preferences and opinions. Some students may find it more convenient to stay near the college campus while others may prefer to stay in Ranchi, which is the capital city of Jharkhand.

How do you show open tabs on other devices on Mac Safari (iCloud, Safari, Tabs, Apple)?

There is not a built-in way to do this in Safari, but there are third-party extensions that can add this functionality. One example is TabSyncX.

What is the best forum to find professionals who have returned from the USA or overseas to India?

The best forum to find professionals who have returned from the USA or overseas to India would be online forums or social media groups that focus on repatriation. Alternatively, you could also try contacting professional organizations in India that focus on assisting professionals who have repatriated.

Why does wine taste horrible to me? I like the taste of beer, some whiskey. Wine however smells and taste like dirty socks to me.

The taste of wine is generally acquired. That is, it's an acquired taste. Wine has more complex flavors than beer or whiskey, and so it may take some getting used to. Also, different wines taste different...

Is global warming skepticism in its death throes?

It is hard to say. Skepticism about global warming is certainly waning in some circles, but it is hard to say if it is in its death throes.

Is there a link between Google News edition not available in Kannada and the Classical language status to Kannada being challenged in court from some tamils?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, some experts believe that there may be a connection between the two issues.

How can a pharmacy charge me for the full price of my migraine medicine each time I get a partial dose? I now pay $60 total when at one time with insurance it was $12 each script.

The pharmacy is profiteering.

Why has there been such a scoring increase in the National Hockey League? Is it a matter of better tactics/rule changes, or some other reason?

The NHL has seen a scoring increase in recent years due to a number of factors. One is the league's crackdown on obstruction and holding penalties, which has opened up the ice and led to more scoring chances. Another is the introduction of the shootouts, which has encouraged teams to be more offensive. Finally, the league's expansion to 30 teams has also contributed to the increase in scoring, as there are now more opportunities for young, talented players to make an impact.

Why are Chimpanzees and Humans considered separate species?

There are multiple reasons why chimpanzees and humans are considered separate species. One reason is that they have different numbers of chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, while chimpanzees have 24 pairs. This difference is due to the fact that human beings have two copies of chromosome number 1, while chimpanzees have only one copy. Additionally, the DNA sequence of the two species is only about 98% identical. Finally, there are also significant differences in behavior between the two species. For example, human beings walk upright on two legs, while chimpanzees walk on all fours.

How many years dengue fever can last in a single city/town?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the mosquito population, the climate, and the level of immunity in the population. However, dengue fever outbreaks have been known to last for several years in some cases.

Is it possible to burn body fat in thirty days?

It is possible to burn body fat in thirty days by reducing calories, increasing activity, and making other lifestyle changes.

How do I convince my wife to stop drugs?

I'm sorry to hear that your wife is using drugs. It's difficult to say how you can convince her to stop, as everyone is different and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, here are some general suggestions:

- Talk to her about your concerns and why you want her to stop using drugs.

- Listen to her reasons for using drugs and try to empathize with her.

- Help her develop a plan to quitting, such as tapering off gradually or attending addiction counseling.

- Offer your support and encouragement throughout the process.

Are we in an e-commerce gold rush right now?

While there is certainly increased interest in e-commerce given the current climate, it's hard to say if this constitutes a "gold rush." It depends on how you define a gold rush.

Why do some people make up relationships in their head?

There can be many reasons why people might make up relationships in their head. Maybe they feel lonely and crave companionship. Maybe they have trouble forming real-life relationships. Maybe they are not satisfied with their current relationship and want something more. Maybe they just enjoy fantasizing about fictional relationships. Whatever the reason, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide why they are doing it.

What factors helped spur european exploration?

What factors helped spur european exploration?

1. Improved ship technology allowed for longer voyages and more exploration.
2. The Renaissance spurred an interest in learning about other cultures.
3. The Age of Enlightenment led to a questioning of traditional beliefs and an interest in discovering new truths.
4. New trade routes opened up, making exploration more profitable.

How do you digital nomads organize your day and make sure you hit your clients deadlines?

There is no one answer to this question, as digital nomads can organize their days in a variety of ways that work best for them. However, some tips on how to stay organized and meet deadlines may include setting a daily or weekly schedule, utilizing time-tracking apps or systems, communicating with clients regularly, and setting reminders for upcoming deadlines.

Who should we thank for COVID vaccines, Trump, Biden, or a little of both?

Both Trump and Biden played a role in the development and distribution of the COVID vaccines. Trump helped to fast-track the development of the vaccines and Biden helped to ensure that the vaccines were distributed widely and equitably.

What is the efficiency of an ideal heat engine in which the hot source is at 100°C and the cold sink is at 10°C?

The efficiency of this ideal heat engine would be 63.2%.

This woman proposed to her husband on a leap year. She says that's the only time a woman can propose. Is this true?

This is a leap year myth! While it is true that a leap year has an extra day, this does not mean that women are only able to propose on leap years. In fact, women can propose any time they want!

Where should an NDA cadet go hunting for a potential girlfriend?

An NDA cadet should go hunting for a potential girlfriend in the places where he feels most comfortable. This could include his school, his local community, or online.

Why were first responders left out of Connecticut's new post-traumatic stress disorder legislation that allows PTSD to be a compensable claim only for fire department and police department personnel?

There is no clear answer to this question. However, one possible reason is that first responders are already covered under existing workers' compensation laws. Therefore, the new law may have been designed to provide coverage for other groups of workers who are not currently eligible for workers' compensation benefits.

Did people in the Soviet Union go hungry under Gorbachev?

Yes, people in the Soviet Union did go hungry under Gorbachev.

How does the foreign money buying up New York real estate trend compare to other cities?

There is no definitive answer to this question as trends in real estate vary greatly from city to city. However, it is generally agreed that foreign investment in New York real estate is on the rise, and has been for some time. This is likely due in part to the city's reputation as a global financial capital, as well as its many other attractions (e.g. cultural institutions, nightlife, etc.).

Is there a market in the USA for frozen soup on a stick?

It's possible, but unlikely. Most people in the US are used to buying soup in a can, or making it from scratch. Soup on a stick would be a novelty item, and would probably only sell in small quantities.

Sometimes I hate everybody around me, and I think about it every night and sleep in anger. Is this normal?

It's normal to sometimes feel frustrated or even angry with those around you, but it's not healthy to dwell on these feelings or to constantly be angry. If you find that you are frequently feeling angry and resentful towards others, it may be helpful to talk to a therapist or counselor who can help you manage these emotions in a more productive way.

Why do teens fall in love and think it's going to last forever?

The reason teens fall in love and think it's going to last forever is because they have yet to experience the heartache and pain that comes with a break-up. They are still in the "honeymoon" phase where everything seems perfect. Teens also tend to be very impulsive and make decisions without thinking about the long-term consequences.

As my wife approaches 50, her hormones seem to be off. How do married couples navigate this difficult time?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each couple will have to find their own way to navigate this difficult time. However, some tips that may be helpful include communicating openly and frequently with each other, being gentle and understanding with each other, and seeking professional help if necessary.

Where is the dynamic center located in a flat plate, and why?

The dynamic center is located in the center of the flat plate because it is the point where the plate's center of gravity is located. This point is also where the plate's motion is the most uniform.

What do the voices you hear during the night tell you?

The voices vary, but they usually tell me to do things that are harmful to myself or others.

Did Trump dictate false talking points in July 2017 about the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian envoy?

In July 2017, Trump dictated false talking points to be used by his son, Donald Trump Jr., about a 2016 meeting with a Russian envoy. Trump Jr. originally said that the meeting was held to discuss adoptions, but it was later revealed that the purpose of the meeting was to gather dirt on Trump's opponent in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton.

What is a continental accent according to British people? I’ve heard I have one, but I don’t know what it means.

A continental accent is an accent that is not native to the British Isles. It is typically used to describe an accent from mainland Europe, although it can also be used to describe an accent from anywhere else in the world.

Should I be shocked that a narcissist friend seems to be raising a child with very similar narcissist characteristics and selfish behavior?

If you are familiar with the Narcissistic personality disorder, then it is likely that you are not shocked by your friend's actions. Narcissists tend to raise children who are also narcissistic and selfish, as they model this behavior for them. It is important to remember that not all narcissists are the same, and some may be more capable of raising well-adjusted children than others. If you are concerned about your friend's child, you may want to talk to them about your concerns.

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