🔥👉 Is a criminal trial for a young offender open court in Canada? If so, how does this protect his identity?

Is a criminal trial for a young offender open court in Canada? If so, how does this protect his identity?

"✅👉 A criminal trial is open court in Canada. This means that the young offender's name, photo, and other identifying information cannot be published without a court order."

Adriel Luettgen III

What will happen when 2 balls of the same mass but different volumes are dropped at the same time from a tall ladder?

The ball with less volume will hit the ground first.

How do we know what happened to Floyd was not negligence, given so many witnesses around? Isn’t it racism to accuse everything you see as racist?

We cannot be certain about what happened in the moments leading up to George Floyd's death. The police officer has been charged with murder, and the investigation is ongoing. However, given the circumstances and the fact that many witnesses have said that Floyd was crying out for help and appeared to be in pain, it is reasonable to conclude that his death was not the result of negligence. It is important to remember that racism can take many forms, and not all instances of racism are overt or obvious.

How much it will cost the install solar panel in a 10x10 feet roof, including inverter and other expenses?

It will cost approximately $1,500 to install a solar panel system on a 10x10 foot roof, including the inverter and other expenses.

What is the current salary break-up of RBI assistants?

Basic pay: Rs.14,650 per month

DA: Rs.8,724 per month

HRA: Rs.6,600 per month

Total: Rs.29,974 per month

Is it really serious, that, in a nation of 331 million people with 40 million visitors, within 89,000 cities, on 300,000 square miles, 1,000 people were killed by 700,000 cops, while killing 600 of them?

Is it OK for that, for David Hathcock and the others like him, to be considered a national crisis?

Of course, those killed by cops are mostly black, and those killing them are mostly white, but is that not just an accident?

Might not blacks naturally kill more blacks than whites might kill whites? After all, we find blacks do kill more blacks than whites do blacks, and again, while these are unrelated to police contacts they are, as noted earlier, related to unemployment.

And can it really be said — with regard to black/white contact — that this matter is withoutcontext in light of the nation’s history? Can it really be said that differences between races are not the result of differences between the way race was structured rather than being simply the outgrowth of genetics.

Like Racial Pitfalls: The Moral Psychology of Identity, which considers the sense “that prejudice and discrimination have nearly disappeared today.” Both may persist under other names. The study argues racism isn’t something exhibited by immoral individuals with bad beliefs; rather it’s deeply ingrained in us all. We couldn’t react any other way. And if we want a more just future in which racial conflict disappears without eradicating racial diversity, we have no choice but to acknowledge this fact but also learn how to overcome it. To read chapter 1 of the book on The Atlantic website CLICK HERE . — or something close to that belief. Consider Terry A. O’Neill, who argues in The Hill that “We must recognize and confront America’s deeply ingrained pattern of institutional racism in order…

What are the best case schools in Hyderabad?

Some of the best case schools in Hyderabad are:

1. Bhavan's Vivekananda Institute of Technology

2. Vasavi College of Engineering

3. St. Francis Institute of Technology

4. Nizamabad Institute of Technology

Does the hood river city pool offer senior aerobics classes?

The Hood River City pool does not offer senior aerobics classes at this time.

Is the distinction between System 1 and System 2 used in the Less Wrong community the same as the one used in Kahneman's "Thinking, Fast and Slow"? If so, since the former predates the publication of the latter, where did the terms originate from?

There is no clear consensus, but it seems that the terms are used in a similar way in both communities. The origins of the terms are unclear, but they may have come from Kahneman's earlier work on judgment and decision-making.

How can I change this sentence into passive voice, “The old man finished his work”?

His work was finished by the old man.

Can people from countries like Japan and South Korea sell items on Amazon FBA? If so, how do they make money?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the type of product being sold and the country in which the seller is based. In general, however, it is possible for people from countries like Japan and South Korea to sell items on Amazon FBA. One way that they can make money is by finding products that are popular in their home countries and then selling them to Amazon customers in other countries. another way to make money is by taking advantage of lower prices in their home countries and shipping products to Amazon customers in other countries where prices are higher.

What do you think of Narendra Modi's saying “Before the detection of even a single case in India, we had started screening international passengers coming from Covid-19 affected countries”?

I think this is a good way to prevent the spread of the virus.

Can people from Star Wars buy clones too?

Yes, people from Star Wars can buy clones too.

What’s happening inside of a proton? Only quarks and gluons jiggling, or there is something else there?

Inside of a proton, there are three quarks jiggling around.

If you spray an N95 mask or similar with strong saline solution (NaCl) and then allow it to dry thoroughly, does it function better, worse, or the same?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it would depend on the specific mask and the strength of the saline solution used. In general, however, using a stronger saline solution is likely to have a negative impact on the performance of the mask.

Is it possible to create a time series table from MySQL data?

Yes, it is possible to create a time series table from MySQL data.

Which U.S. states are the most distinctly different despite being next to each other in terms of culture, economics, ethnicity, politics, and geography?

The two most distinctly different U.S. states that are next to each other in terms of culture, economics, ethnicity, politics, and geography are probably California and Arizona.

Will there be no 12th in 2021 according to the new education policy?

There will be no 12th in 2021 according to the new education policy.

How is it possible for a baby to look like someone who isn't responsible for the pregnancy, but sleeps with the pregnant woman from 25 weeks of being pregnant?

There is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

What are easy ways to memorize the derivative of the 6 trig functions?

One easy way to remember the derivative of the six trig functions is to think of the word SOHCAHTOA:

Sine: d/dx(sin(x)) = cos(x)

Cosine: d/dx(cos(x)) = -sin(x)

Tangent: d/dx(tan(x)) = sec^2(x)

Cotangent: d/dx(cot(x)) = -csc^2(x)

Secant: d/dx(sec(x)) = sec(x)tan(x)

Cosecant: d/dx(csc(x)) = -csc(x)cot(x)

After discovering that your ex is a narcissist, did you also realize your best friends are too, and possibly members of your family as well?

This is probably a common discovery for former wives and girlfriends of narcissists. In social settings, we are often with others who are like us in some way; this is commonly referred to as the “birds of a feather flock together” phenomenon. So, it makes sense that people who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder will spend time with others with similar lifestyles and mental disorders.

Now that you have recognized your friends as narcissists east sussex seroquel dosage too, how do you keep them away? Here are some ideas:

Get Involved With New Activities

The biggest thing you can do to avoid any negative influence from your narcissistic friends is to stop doing things together. If they know you’re no longer a recreation they can monopolize on, they won’t want anything to do with you. Join an adult sports league or a social club, or volunteering at an animal shelter or food bank are all great options for distancing yourself from your narcissistic friends and making new ones. Start looking at what life has to offer and not just what others can do for you.

Choose Your words Carefully When Talking To Them

If you must see your narcissist friends, don’t feel like you need to treat them as true friends; politely decline talks about certain topics such as work or family relationships. Things like life-changing events and new hobbies should be saved for strangers if you wish to avoid questions about your ex partner nature that may lead back to discussions about him/her cheating on you etc. The easiest way to keep these women away is by mentioning his name in any leading context because most narcissists HATE hearing their ex partners name especially post breakup. Many exes suffer this exact problem; even though they tap out of the friendship circle after divorce, they cannot escape being dragged back into toxic situations simply because they continue being reminded by the narcissist of something she/he did when he was there last time around. Under no circumstances should she ever be invited round ingr once she has been kicked out into the backyard for having bad manners at the table in front of everyone else. Depending on how long yourself and your ex were together for, theres a good chance this could happen again unless the Corelatinum code is entered before agreeing to sign up on her behalf through one of the legal online casinos where it isn’t allowed. It’s best to be safe than sorry on these matters step

What is the difference in a Nikon 18-55mm VR lens and a Nikon 18-55mm VR II lens? (Cost, Performance)

The main difference between the two lenses is that the VR II has Nikon's second-generation Vibration Reduction technology. This results in a slightly better performance, although the cost difference between the two lenses is not significant.

How intelligent are rabbits? Are they trainable?

There is no definitive answer to this question as intelligence varies greatly from rabbit to rabbit. However, in general, rabbits are considered to be relatively intelligent animals, and many are indeed trainable. Like all animals, rabbits are individuals with their own unique personalities, so some will be more receptive to training than others. However, with patience and positive reinforcement, many rabbits can be taught a variety of tricks and behaviors.

How do I tighten the nut under my bathroom sink?

You can tighten the nut under your bathroom sink using a wrench.

Shark Tank India will replace Kaun Banega Crorepati on Sony TV. Can you believe that?

Yes! Rajeev Masand's tweet says: "Kaun Banega Crorepati will return in its 14th season, but this time on SonyLIV with Amitabh Bachchan and Farah Khan at the helm."

Shark Tank India you know what is it? I hope it's not a Hindi or South Indian show.


Is an Alloyseed Mouse useful enough to hit Grandmaster/Global Elite in Overwatch/CSGO?

It is difficult to say definitively whether or not an Alloyseed Mouse is useful enough to help a player hit Grandmaster or Global Elite rank in Overwatch or CSGO. However, many professional gamers believe that having a quality gaming mouse can give players a small but significant edge over their opponents. In addition, the Alloyseed Mouse has received positive reviews from many users, so it is possible that it could be helpful for players who are trying to improve their rank in these games.

How can conflict theory serve as a guide in community development practice?

There are many ways that conflict theory can serve as a guide in community development practice. For example, conflict theory can help explain why some communities experience more conflict than others, and it can provide guidance on how to manage or resolve conflicts within communities. Additionally, conflict theory can help identify potential areas of conflict within communities and help develop strategies to prevent or mitigate those conflicts.

Why is a US soldier obliged to pay the guns lost under his custody?

A US soldier is obliged to pay the guns lost under his custody because it is part of the military's inventory and accountability procedures. Losing track of firearms is a serious issue in the military, and soldiers are held accountable for the guns they are responsible for.

What is the state of the art in naive Bayes classifiers such as tree extended or forest extended?

There is no definitive answer to this question because research on naive Bayes classifiers is ongoing and new developments are constantly being made. However, some of the most recent advancements in this area include the development of tree extended and forest extended classifiers. These classifiers have been shown to provide improved performance compared to traditional naive Bayes classifiers, and they are therefore considered to be state-of-the-art methods for this type of machine learning algorithm.

What are some funny ways to come out as a trans (FTM)?

-Hey everyone, I have something to tell you...I'm actually a man trapped in a woman's body!
-Well actually, I'm not a woman at all...I'm a man!
-It's been really hard hiding this from all of you, but I'm transgender. I was born a female but I identify as a male.
-I know this might come as a shock to some of you, but I am in the process of transitioning from female to male.

Where are the descendants of the Romans today?

The descendants of the Romans today are the people of Italy.

How long does it typically take to complete a stock transfer from one brokerage to another?

It typically takes one to three business days for a stock transfer from one brokerage to another.

How can I learn circuit building?

There are a few ways to learn circuit building. online courses, books, and YouTube videos are all great resources. Once you have the basics down, you can try building simple circuits on your own. breadboards are a great way to practice because they allow you to easily experiment with different components and layouts.

Should suffering parents of a twice exceptional teen remove him from school?

There is no easy answer to this question. While suffering parents of a twice exceptional teen may feel that removing him from school is the best option, it is important to consider all possible options and consult with experts to make the best decision for the child.

Do companies hire Summer interns during Spring?

This varies by company. Some companies hire summer interns during the spring, while others wait until closer to the summer months.

Why can’t religion and science both be true at the same time?

The main reason is that they make different claims about reality. Religion typically makes claims about supernatural entities, while science makes claims that can be tested through observation and experiment. It is possible for some religious beliefs to be true, but it is difficult to reconcile how both religion and science can be true at the same time when they make such different claims about reality.

Is it normal to have dark thoughts?

It is not abnormal to have dark thoughts. Many people have them occasionally, and some people think about dark topics more frequently. There is no correct answer to this question, as everyone experiences different things and has different thoughts.

What are some RSS feeds any new developer should follow?

Some advice for new developers wanting to follow RSS feeds:

1. subscribed to the official Twitter feed for your chosen programming language(s).
2. Follow popular blogs that discuss programming languages or specific development stacks that you're interested in.
3. Find a few helpful development communities online and subscribe to their RSS feeds.

How do I get back at a neighbor who refuses to turn their bass down?

If you have asked your neighbor to turn their bass down and they refuse, you can contact your local law enforcement or file a noise complaint with your city.

When someone is buried in the floor of a church (particularly during Renaissance times), what was the procedure? How did they cut the marble, add the stone? Or is the body buried elsewhere and the slab is merely a memorial?

The body was typically buried elsewhere, and the slab was a memorial.

Why is the Chinese logistics so efficient? It’s remarkable how efficient logistics is in China from 15-min food delivery to items delivery across the country within a few days. I wonder how they do that.

There are a few reasons why Chinese logistics are so efficient:

1) They have a high density of population which leads to a high density of logistics activity. This allows for more efficient use of resources and time.

2) They have developed advanced technologies and systems to facilitate logistics activities. For example, they have an extensive network of expressways which helps speed up transportation.

3) They have a well-developed e-commerce infrastructure which allows for quick and easy ordering and tracking of orders.

4) They have a large number of logistics providers competing with each other which helps keep prices down and service levels up.

Can I get my previous voice call recorder on my phone?

If you did not disable or delete the previous voice call recorder, then it is still on your phone.

Doesn't gravity come into picture in vacuum?

How does a satellite orbiting in a circular path remain in the same orbit?

There is no gravity in a perfect vacuum, but in the real world, there are always imperfections. Even if a satellite were in a perfect vacuum, it would eventually slow down due to air resistance.

Why does my WordPress blog set itself to no index? Sometimes, under settings --> reading, it ticks the "discourage search engines" check mark by itself.

There is no set answer to this question, as it could be due to a variety of factors. It is possible that your WordPress blog is being flagged as spam by search engines, which could result in the "discourage search engines" setting being automatically enabled in an effort to prevent your site from being indexed. It is also possible that this setting is being enabled by a plugin or theme that you are using on your site. If you are unsure of why this setting is being enabled, you may want to contact the support team for your WordPress blog or the support team for your theme or plugin.

What are the chances that salaries of armed forces officers are tripled with the seventh pay commission?

There is no certain answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the final recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission and the political climate at the time.

Is it fair to say Donald Trump is a failed president?

There is no one answer to this question. Some people may say that Donald Trump is a failed president while others may disagree.

Which communication protocols are seldom used in computer networking systems?

The OSI model and the TCP/IP model are the most commonly used communication protocols in computer networking systems.

Can somebody write this in Persian, "Whoever has been near you, knows what it's like being near heaven"?

کسی که نزد تو بوده است ، می‌داند چگونه به جایگاه آسمان نزدنِ

Can setting a schedule make you less productive?

It's possible that setting a schedule could make you less productive because you might feel like you have to stick to the schedule no matter what and not deviate from it. This could lead to you feeling stressed and rushed, which could negatively impact your productivity. Alternatively, if you're someone who thrives on structure, having a set schedule could help increase your productivity.

How do I center something in After Effects?

To center something in After Effects, simply select the layer(s) you want to center. Then go to Layer > Transform > Center in View.

Why are the ongoing protests against police brutality in many United States cities now becoming much more confrontational?

There are a few potential explanations for this shift. One is that the protests have been going on for several weeks now, and the energy and frustration of the demonstrators may be growing. Additionally, the police response to the protests has been increasingly violent, which may be leading to more aggressive tactics from the protesters. Finally, outside agitators may be coming into the cities and stirring up trouble.

What questions would you like to raise to India's future Prime Minister?

1. What are your thoughts on the current state of India's economy?
2. What are your plans to reduce India's environmental impact?
3. What are your plans to improve infrastructure and access to education in rural areas?
4. How do you plan to reduce corruption within the government?

Did RPA developers have a night shift too?

I don't know.

These days everywhere, everyone says invest your money. But how? On what? And why? Only top 1% of investors get to make disposable income. Isn't that bit of a waste?

On what do I invest? How do we become one of them? Millions of people in the world seek a career and life which is not only financially stable but also interesting, well-paying, each year people become sick and normal lifespans are decreased by years.

These are valid concerns but the good news is that there are plenty of opportunities out there for those who want to invest their money. The key is to find the right investment for you. There are many different types of investments available, so it is important to do your research before you choose one. There are a few things to consider when choosing an investment:

1) Your goals: What are you trying to achieve with your investment? Are you looking to make a short-term profit or are you more interested in long-term growth?

2) Your risk tolerance: How much risk are you willing to take on? Some investments are riskier than others, so it is important to choose one that fits your risk tolerance.

3) Your time horizon: When do you plan on selling your investment? If you are investing for the long term, you can afford to take on more risk than if you were investing for the short term.

4) Your financial situation: What is your financial situation? Do you have a lot of debt? Do you have a steady income? These factors will play a role in how much risk you can afford to take.

Once you know your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon, you can start researching different investments. There are many different types of investments available, so it is important to find one that fits your needs. Some popular investment choices include stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You can also invest in real estate, commodities, or even art. It is important to remember that no investment is risk-free, so be sure to diversify your portfolio to minimize your risk.

How did former Senator Charles Sumner create a schism in the Republican Party due to his opposition to Ulysses S. Grant and the treaties to annex the Dominican Republic?

Former Senator Charles Sumner created a schism in the Republican Party due to his opposition to Ulysses S. Grant and the treaties to annex the Dominican Republic because he saw them as corruption and betrayal of Republican principles.

How many papers are published in physics each year?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it varies year to year and depends on the particular field of physics. However, a recent study by the Institute for Scientific Information found that the average number of papers published in physics journals each year is around 30,000.

Which are the greatest tag team wrestling matches of all time?

1. The Undertaker & Kane vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock - Wrestlemania XV
2. Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart & The British Bulldog - SummerSlam 1992
3. Ricky Steamboat & Kurt Angle vs. Edge & Christian - No Way Out 2001
4. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian - Wrestlemania 2000
5. Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero vs. The Dudley Boyz - No Mercy 2002

What is the point of owning a stock action at a high level instead of taking benefits?

There is no definitive answer to this question; ultimately, it depends on the individual investor's circumstances and objectives.Some investors may believe that a stock is undervalued and thus has significant upside potential, making it worth holding onto despite any immediate benefits. Others may view a stock as a reliable source of income and dividends, and so prefer to receive these payments rather than sell the shares. Still others may simply want to maintain a stake in a particular company for personal or sentimental reasons.

Why is it possible for a small animal to fall from a considerable height without any injury being caused when it reaches the ground?

A small animal can fall from a considerable height without any injury being caused when it reaches the ground because its body is not large enough to cause significant harm upon impact. The larger the object, the more damage it can cause upon impact.

I am travelling to Guatemala to make a film. What backup equipment (batteries, SD cards, rain coverage, viewfinder, laptop, etc.) on a student's budget would you recommend in case anything is to break?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best backup equipment for a student filmmaker depends on the specific needs of the project. However, some general recommendations for backup equipment on a student budget include extra batteries, SD cards, a viewfinder, and a laptop.

What do you think is definitely real, even though most of society would think you're crazy for believing so?

There are definitely aliens out there. Somewhere in the universe, there has to be another planet with intelligent life forms.

“There’s a lot going on right now, but the idea we’re going to be able to, you know, click a switch, bring down the cost of gasoline, is not likely in the near term, nor is it with regard to food.” said President Biden. What do you think?

12:57pm, Two Union Sailors Die Of COVID-19 …

The pandemic has claimed the lives of two union members in the past day or so. Two married union Print Pressmen, who both worked at Urban Outfitters Inc., have died from COVID-19. Our thoughts go out to the families during this very difficult time.UPDATE: 2/21/2021, 4:31pm EST – This afternoon, ourUA reported that one of their members also died from COVID-19 complications. The women who worked in the UA’s Chicago office was included in the US′ deaths recorded today. “It is gruesome to hear such news and it reminds us that this virus knows no boundaries,” said UA President Randall A. Kester.UA Chief of Staff Terry Morton said president Kester was contacted by Urban Outfitters general counsel Larry Giovanucci when one of his pressman lowered the death toll on the industry…to equal his own wife’s.

12:40pm EST Latest Wisconsin Recall Elections Spotlighted…

CT Post writes about yesterday’s recall election results in Wisconsin which saw many union candidates being elected into office. Read more here…

Why isn't Hinny discussed much among the Wizarding World fandom?

Hinny is not discussed much among the Wizarding World fandom because it is a relatively new character introduced in the play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

How did you become a successful technology consultant?

I started my career as a software engineer and then transitioned into management consulting. In management consulting, I help organizations solve complex problems and drive transformation. I use my technical background to understand an organization’s technology needs and help them execute on their strategies.

Why is growth in trees mostly vertical and not sideways?

The main purpose of tree growth is to produce leaves that can photosynthesize and produce energy for the tree. Leaves are much more efficient at photosynthesizing when they are exposed to direct sunlight, so it is advantageous for trees to grow taller so that their leaves can be in the direct sunlight.

I have PMDC Motor data for 24 VDC, how do I calculate parameters for other voltage ratings?

In order to calculate the unknown parameters for a different voltage rating, you will need the rated power, speed, and torque of the motor. You can then use the following formulas:

Power (watts) = voltage (volts) x current (amps)

Speed (rpm) = power (watts) / (torque (Nm) x 2π)

Torque (Nm) = power (watts) / (speed (rpm) x 2π)

How is graduating with a cum laude honor better?

Graduating with a cum laude honor isbetter than graduating without any honorsbecause it means that the student has madeprogress and achieved a higher level ofacademic success. This type of honor can also leadto better opportunities after graduation, such ashigher-level jobs or scholarships.

What are the questions that modern philosophers try to answer?

What is the nature of reality?
What is the nature of knowledge?
What is the nature of morality?
What is the meaning of life?

Some people I know are blunt, a little bit like bullies, when they ask questions by email. How do you let them know indirectly and with humor that their behavior rubs you the wrong way?

One potential response might be to send a humorous email in response to their blunt question, making a joke about their tone or their behavior. For example, you could write something like, "I can tell you're really interested in my answer to your question! Thanks for being so direct!"

Should parents require their kids to help pay for their smartphone?

There is no right answer to this question since it varies based on each family's budget and household rules. However, some parents may require their kids to help pay for their smartphone if it is considered a privilege that needs to be earned, or if the family cannot afford the phone otherwise. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what works best for the specific family.

How does punishment play a role in establishing professional integrity?

There is no one answer to this question as different professions have different standards for what is considered to be professional integrity. However, in general, punishment can play a role in establishing professional integrity by providing consequences for actions that are considered to be unethical or unprofessional. This can help to ensure that individuals think twice before engaging in such behavior and may encourage them to act with more integrity in the future.

How do you write 100\times 99\times 98\times 50\times 49\times 48 as a ratio of factorials?

(100\times 99\times 98\times 50\times 49\times 48)!/(100!\times99!\times98!\times50!\times49!\times48!)

What types of psychological stimulus, other than sexual arousal, will cause a man to get an erection?

Psychological stimulus that can cause an erection other than sexual arousal can include stress, excitement, or anger.

How would psychopaths feel if they witnessed a kid tripping and falling and other school kids started laughing at him and he starts crying?

Psychopaths may not react viscerally to someone else's pain, but they would still be capable of feeling empathy. So, if they witnessed a kid tripping and falling, they would feel bad for the kid and may try to help him up. However, if they saw other school kids laughing at the kid and he started crying, they might find the situation amusing and laugh along with the other kids.

What does the order of unlike views on your Facebook and Instagram story mean?

The order of the views on your Facebook and Instagram story usually goes from most recent to least recent.

M boyfriend has 2 teenage daughters, they do not like me… they have never given me a fair chance. Anytime we argue, (he yells first) I'm to blame and they cuss at me & bombard our room without knocking? How do I handle disrespectful daughters.

Like candy, but looks like a pill.

We're all human, so you should find some common ground and try something relatable. For instance, we all have to deal with our parents (or guardians) telling us what to do all of the time — that can be pretty frustrating. It might sound cheesy, but try to be yourself and build a rapport with them that way. You could also appeal to their sensibilities by asking for advice; maybe they just want to feel needed. And if you're in a relationship with their father, don't be afraid to stand up for yourself: If he's happy with you, then that's all that should matter to them. Good luck!

How do I build a greenhouse from recycled windows?

Building a greenhouse from recycled windows is a relatively simple process. First, you will need to gather enough windows to cover the desired area of your greenhouse. Next, you will need to build a frame for your greenhouse using 2x4s or other lumber. Once the frame is built, you can begin attaching the windows to the frame using screws or nails. Make sure to seal any gaps around the windows with caulk or weatherstripping to prevent heat loss.

Why is it difficult for ordinary individuals to raise funds for a good cause? I've tried several platforms but nothing seems to work, maybe because I'm not a celebrity.

One key reason that it can be difficult for ordinary individuals to raise funds for a good cause is that they may not have a large or dedicated following. This can make it difficult to get people to donate even if they are interested in the cause. Additionally, fundraising platforms may have requirements or fees that make it difficult for smaller projects to get off the ground.

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