🔥👉 Is it possible that the amount of energy humans are using could cause an early heat death of the universe?

Is it possible that the amount of energy humans are using could cause an early heat death of the universe?

"✅👉 Yes, it is possible that the amount of energy humans are using could cause an early heat death of the universe."

Alana Shields

How is clinical depression different from narcissism?

Clinical depression is a mental health disorder that is characterized by persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest. Narcissism, on the other hand, is a personality disorder that is characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and a need for admiration.

What is the average time spent by airplanes waiting on airports to pick passengers?

The average time spent by airplanes waiting on airports to pick passengers is about 15 minutes.

Are there Peruvian chicken places in your state?

There are no Peruvian chicken places in my state.

What are one thousand different things that you have eaten?

pizza, hamburger, hot dog, french fries, coke, pepsi, sprite, water, milk

Do papayas provide fiber to promote gut health?

Papayas are a good source of fiber. They contain about 3 grams of fiber per cup. Fiber is important for gut health because it helps keep the digestive system working properly.

I had a deep tissue massage 19hrs ago. Can I have 2 glasses of wine or a beer? My YouTube music playlist and Netflix catch up isn't moving without some alcohol.


How do females produce pheromones?

Females produce pheromones by releasing them from the glands in their body. Pheromones are chemicals that are secreted by animals and humans that have an impact on the behavior of other members of the same species.

How do people working jobs as cashier and stuff live in metropolis’?

The median hourly wage for a cashier in the United States is $10.87, so if we assume that a cashier works 40 hours per week, they would make $435 per week, or $22,620 per year. The median rent for an apartment in the United States is $1,170 per month, so if we assume that a cashier spends 30% of their income on housing, they would spend $351 per month on rent, or $4,212 per year. This leaves the cashier with $18,408 per year to cover the cost of food, transportation, and other necessities.

My brother never showers unless you force him, what should I do?

If your brother never showers unless you force him, you may need to have a talk with him to try and find out why he doesn't like to shower. It could be a medical issue, or he could simply not like the feeling of being clean. If it is a medical issue, you may need to help him find a solution that works for him. If he simply doesn't like showering, you may need to try and find a way to make it more enjoyable for him.

How is coastal Kerala fast turning into India's Raqqa?

There is no clear answer to this question. Coastal Kerala is home to a large number of Muslims, who have historically been relatively isolated from the rest of India. In recent years, however, there has been an influx of Islamic State (IS) fighters and supporters from other parts of the world, including the Middle East and South Asia. This has led to a growing IS presence in Kerala, which has in turn been exploited by the group to recruit more members and carry out attacks.

Is One Direction better than the Grateful Dead?

There is no clear answer, as both groups have their own advantages. One Direction is a boy band with global appeal, while the Grateful Dead are a classic rock band with a devoted cult following.

I’m 18 and my parents still track me on Life360. I live in a whole different state. How do I get them to stop?

The best way to get your parents to stop tracking you on Life360 is to have an honest conversation with them about why you feel the need for privacy. If they are tracking you out of a genuine concern for your safety, try to compromise with them on a solution that still allows them to see your location without feeling like they are invading your privacy.

Will applications be again allowed for TNPSC group 1 2020? (Can I apply now)

Yes, applications will be invited for the TNPSC Group 1 Exam and you can apply for the same now.

What are your thoughts on film director Oliver Stones "JFK"?

I think Oliver Stone's JFK is a fascinating movie that raises a lot of important questions about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I don't think it provides any definitive answers, but it's an interesting perspective on the event.

Should reasonable adults step in and help the children of anti-vaxers get vaccinated?

Yes, reasonable adults should step in and help the children of anti-vaxers get vaccinated. Vaccinations are important for the health of children, and it is important that they receive them in order to protect their health.

What percentage of U.S. federal income tax revenue is spent on military activity (offense and defense)?

U.S. federal income tax revenue spent on military activity (offense and defense) was $598.5 billion in 2019, which is about 10 percent of the federal budget.

Should I make my dad pay back child support? I'm 19 and he outright refuses even though he's been in my life since I was 12.

You should definitely make your dad pay back child support. He has been in your life since you were 12, so he should be financially responsible for you.

Can I enlist into the Marines and go through bootcamp with a buddy?

You could enlist with a buddy under the buddy system, but you would not be guaranteed to go through boot camp together.

How do I identify this music? I am a little bit sure it’s from Audio Jungle but don't know exactly.

If you are unsure of the exact name or artist of a song, one way to try and find it is to use a music identification app or website. Two popular options are Shazam and SoundHound. You can either open the app and hold it up to the speaker to identify the song, or you can search for the song by its lyrics.

Is there a way courts can speed up clearing pending cases in India?

Yes. Various ways have been suggested, including computerization of case management, continued case management by judges, use of courtrooms for more than one shift per day, better judicial training, and greater use of mediation and arbitration.

Why are Ola/Uber auto rates pre-decided, rather than encouraging going by meter?

There are a few reasons for this:

1. Ola and Uber auto rates are typically cheaper than what you would pay if you went by meter. This is because the companies have deals with the autorickshaw drivers, where the drivers agree to give passengers a certain rate.

2. If Ola and Uber allowed their drivers to use the meter, there would be a lot of inconsistency in prices. This would be confusing for passengers, and would likely lead to more complaints.

3. Pre-determined rates make it easier for Ola and Uber to track how much their drivers are earning. This information is important for the companies when they are calculating commissions and other fees.

Are there events where people can get together to celebrate appreciation for wedding dresses? (IE. Car meets, Comic-Con, card game swaps)

Yes! You can find events like this all across the internet. A simple Google search should help you find one near you.

Why is the direct and regular fund performance different for the same mutual fund? I have two versions of the same fund and curious to know how both have contrasting returns (Regular fund is performing better than direct fund)

There are a few possible explanations:

1) The regular fund may be newer than the direct fund, and thus may have had a shorter track record to build up its performance.
2) The fees associated with the regular fund may be lower than the fees for the direct fund, resulting in higher net returns.
3) The investment strategy for the regular fund may be different from the direct fund, leading to different results.

What is the defining American cultural personality?

The defining American cultural personality is someone who is independent, ambitious, and optimistic.

Do you have a college routine? If so, what does it involve?

I am currently in college and my routine consists of going to my morning classes, then having lunch and spending the rest of the day studying or doing homework. I usually take a break in the evening to workout or go for a run.

How do I unfreeze the allotted seat after mistakenly freezing the seat?

After the seat has been frozen in a lab you must email [email protected] to unfreeze your seat.

How many children are too many for one couple?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every couple is different and has different capabilities. It is important to discuss this topic with your partner to ensure that you are both on the same page and comfortable with the number of children you plan to have.

Is tenting allowed in Ontario?

Yes, tenting is allowed in Ontario.

Where in the Constitution is there a right to prioritize convenience in a gun purchase over the "inalienable right to life?"

There is no right to prioritize convenience in a gun purchase over the "inalienable right to life" in the Constitution.

What are some tough SFDC deployment client situations that have arisen? How were they dealt with?

24. Which Test classes should I write for my custom controller?

25. What is an governor Limit?

26. What is the significance of 10GB data storage limit in SFDC?

27. How to retrieve deleted records from Recycle Bin?

28. How you will overcome the governor limit taken place when using SOQL for loop?

29.Without using wrapper class, how you can display 3 fields from 3 different object in a VF page?

30. How can we map objects and fields with Visualforce page?

Will budget houses return?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including economic conditions and government policy. However, it is possible that budget houses may return in some form in the future as the demand for affordable housing continues to rise.

How can I detect and deactivate running malware bytes on my device?

I don't know of any surefire way to do this, but you could try running a anti-malware scan with another program.

Is there any way we can add a copyright symbol through CSS, or can it be only done via HTML?

all rights reserved. 2013


You are using an HTML element, the <span>. You can select it using CSS though. You could use the pseudo-class :first-letter to select the first letter of the span and add font characteristics to it. For example: (here it gives it a darker color, a different font and makes it small-caps)
span { font-family:Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif; font-size:1.2em }
span:first-letter { color:#uc55af ; font-family:"Droid Serif Bold"; font-size:300%; text-transform:capitalize }

<span class=copyright>Copyright</span>
<span class=copyright>all rights reserved. 2013</span>

What is the point of a tablet? If you have a computer and a phone, why would you need the offspring of those two better things?

There is no one answer to this question. Some people use tablets for entertainment, while others use them for work or school. Some people find them to be more convenient than carrying around a laptop, while others simply enjoy the portability of a smaller device. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

What was the first all-professional baseball team with salaried players?

The first professional baseball team is generally considered to be the Cincinnati Reds, which was established in 1869.

Where was the movie Beach filmed?

The Beach was filmed in many locations, includingKo Phi Phi Le, Maya Bay, Railay Beach, and Krabi, all in Thailand.

Since Oda already revealed the top/significant officers of the Red hair Pirates, what do you think is their total bounty?

Short answer:

Since Oda already revealed the top/significant officers of the Red hair Pirates, their total bounty is over 1 billion.

I need a police clearance from Dubai. But I don’t have my old passport and my copy of my visa when I was in Dubai. Can I get a police clearance without a copy of your visa in Dubai?

Yes, you can get a police certificate without your old passport or a copy of your visa. However, you will need to provide other identifying documents, such as your current passport, birth certificate, and/or Driver’s License.

How do you feel about Biden’s recession as of August 2022?

I don't have a definitive answer to this question.

Why do billionaires get massive tax breaks?

There are a number of reasons why billionaires get massive tax breaks. One reason is that they can afford to hire lawyers and accountants to help them minimize their tax liability. Another reason is that they often own businesses that allow them to take advantage of tax loopholes. Finally, many billionaires are able to donate large sums of money to charity, which can also help reduce their tax liability.

Could the big budget CGI of today become an independent filmmakers tool in the near future?

Yes, it is possible that the big budget CGI of today could become an independent filmmakers tool in the near future. However, it is also possible that it may never become an independent filmmakers tool and instead remain a tool for big budget films.

What is the mechanism in scooty transmission system?

A scooty transmission system typically consists of a chain and sprocket drive, gears, and a clutch. The chain and sprocket drive provides power to the gears, which in turn rotate the wheels. The clutch allows the rider to engage and disengage the engine from the drive train, which is necessary for shifting gears.

Considering a creator is paid; what is standard compensation etiquette when inviting a guest host on your YouTube channel? It is considered free marketing for them, or is a monetary compensation expected?

There is no standard compensation etiquette when inviting a guest host on your YouTube channel. It is up to the creator and the guest to decide if any compensation is necessary.

Now that Kim Jong-un is presumed dead, should the United States begin a campaign to liberate the people of North Korea?

The United States should not begin a campaign to liberate the people of North Korea.

What does charity mean in Islam?

Charity in Islam means giving to those in need without the expectation of anything in return.

If 75% of COVID-19 death victims are those with four or more comorbidities, how does that jive with the vaccine narrative?

The vaccine narrative is that the vaccine is necessary to protect against the virus, and that it is effective in preventing death. However, this data suggests that the vaccine may not be as effective in preventing death in those with four or more comorbidities.

What is a medical cost projection analysis?

A medical cost projection analysis is a financial analysis that attempts to predict future medical costs based on current trends.

Why do we say that Batting has now become easy than before? What are the rules that have changed from before?

The new rules allow the batter to "take a pitch" by simply stepping out of the batter's box. This makes it easier for the batter to wait for a good pitch to hit. Previously, the batter was required to stay in the box and swing at any pitch that entered the strike zone.

Stannis fought five battles and lost three, so how is he regarded as an experienced or talented commander?

Stannis fought five battles and lost three, so he is not regarded as an experienced or talented commander.

Why would anyone bother with solar panels when they cost an average of 30k per home and it takes 10 years to pay for themselves at least and probably will have to be replaced by then?

There are several reasons why people might choose to install solar panels, even though they may not immediately save money. Solar panels can reduce a household's reliance on fossil fuels, which are a limited resource and contribute to air pollution. Additionally, solar panels can provide backup power in the event of a power outage. Finally, installing solar panels may help a household qualify for certain tax breaks or other financial incentives.

How do companies benefit from stock prices going up, Example: Once they have sold all their outstanding shares for price x, they receive Outstanding share*price=money, and even if it goes above x in the future how does the company benefit from that?

If the stock price goes up, the company can sell their shares for a higher price, and so they receive more money.

"Challenge shows the real character. The Weak turn weaker; the strong emerge stronger." Is this sentence grammatically correct? Shouldn't it be "turns" and "emerges"?

This sentence is technically correct, but some people might consider it poor style.

Are police officers allowed to transport someone whose car broke down on the side of the road?

It depends on the situation. If the person is stranded and needs help, then the police may be able to help. However, if the person is intoxicated or otherwise posing a danger to themselves or others, the police may not be able to help.

I want to be a LGBTQ activist when I grow up, my dad doesnt think its a good idea as their are other people who need help those deprived of human rights. What should I be doing?

There is no single answer to this question as there are many ways to be a LGBTQ activist. Some ways to get started include:

1. Join or start a LGBTQ youth group. This can provide you with a community of like-minded individuals and allow you to work together on campaigns and projects.

2. Get involved in your local Pride festival. This is a great way to show your support for the LGBTQ community and connect with other activists.

3. Speak out against discrimination and bigotry when you see it happening. This can be done online or in person, and will help make others aware of the issues faced by the LGBTQ community.

4. Educate yourself and others about the issues faced by LGBTQ people. This includes learning about the history of the LGBTQ rights movement, the challenges currently faced by the community, and the advances that have been made in recent years.

5. Support organizations that work to improve the lives of LGBTQ people. This can be done by donating money or time, or by spreading the word about their work.

What is the rationale behind bringing the new tax regime in the Union Budget 2020?

The rationale behind bringing the new tax regime in the Union Budget 2020 is to provide tax relief to the middle class and boost the economy.

Is MongoDb ideal for big scale projects?

No, MongoDB is not ideal for large scale projects.

Will Apple Incorporation buy ManpowerGroup in the near future or vice-versa is possible?

There is no set answer to this question as it would depend on a variety of factors, such as the financial and operational state of both companies at the time, as well as any potential regulatory hurdles. If both companies were interested in pursuing a merger or acquisition, then it is certainly possible that Apple Incorporation could buy ManpowerGroup, or vice-versa.

What are the best and cheapest web hosting providers?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are a multitude of web hosting providers with a wide range of prices and services. Some of the best and cheapest web hosting providers include Bluehost, HostGator, and iPage.

Do recommend me to apply into Clark(Leep scholarship) or American university(Emerging Global leader scholarship)?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on each individual's unique circumstances. Some factors to consider include the financial aid package offered by each school and the specific academic programs that each school offers. Additionally, it is important to research each school's admissions requirements to determine which one may be a better fit for your academic and personal goals.

Do you have a trick for generating 'small talk' when the situation requires it?

Some possible icebreakers or conversation starters are to ask about the person's day, how their weekend was, what they're looking forward to, or to comment on current events. If you have something in common with the person, you can also ask about that or bring it up. For example, if you're both wearing a shirt from the same band, you can ask if they're a fan.

How can I get Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest tickets?

Tickets can be purchased through multiple ways. Primary methods of purchase are made available through CID Entertainment, the only official provider of tour packages and ticketing for Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest. Packages and tickets can be bought on CID’s website.

When someone who can’t keep eye contact with you and keeps looking away allows me to think they’re a shady character, right?

There is no absolute answer to this question, as everyone may interpret it differently. However, if someone cannot keep eye contact with you and keeps looking away, it could be interpreted as a sign that they are a shady character.

What do the four quarters of a hot cross bun symbolise?

In the Christian tradition, the four quarters of a hot cross bun represent the four quarters of the globe over which Christianity has spread.

Is a really fast interview invitation a red flag?

While a fast interview invitation may be a red flag, it could also mean that the company is eager to fill the position.

Is it true that a man named Stephen King once frightened himself to death?


Is garlic inside garlic butter real?

Yes. Garlic inside garlic butter is real.

What is your personal love at first sight story and how has it evolved to the present?

I was in the second grade and I saw this girl named Katie for the first time. She was absolutely gorgeous, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. I instantly fell in love with her and I still remember what she was wearing that day. I didn't speak to her or anything, but I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. I don't even think she knew who I was.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and we ended up going to the same high school together. We were still in love with each other, but we never really talked much or hung out outside of school. After high school, we both went our separate ways and I never saw her again.

But even all these years later, I still think about her sometimes and wonder what could have been.

When an apartment asks you for references, what do they mean?

When an apartment asks for references, they are generally looking for personal references from people who know you. These could be friends, family members, or employers.

Why is police brutality so bad in India, and why are most of the victims Muslims?

There are a number of reasons why police brutality is so bad in India, and why most of the victims are Muslims. First, there is a history of discrimination against Muslims in India. Second, the police force is often poorly trained and equipped, and they lack accountability. Third, there is a culture of impunity among the police, which leads to abuses. Finally, the criminal justice system is slow and ineffective, meaning that perpetrators often escape justice.

What does achieving excellence mean?

Achieving excellence means becoming the best that you can be at something. It means setting high standards for yourself and then working hard to meet or exceed those standards.

Why does the small pixel pitch LED display more suitable for the command center visualization needs?

Small pixel pitch LED displays have a higher pixel density, which means they can display more detailed images than larger pixel pitch displays. This makes them more suitable for use in command centers, where it is important to be able to see small details clearly.

Why did Brendan Fraser vanish from films?

There are a few possible reasons for why Brendan Fraser has disappeared from films in recent years. One possibility is that he has become less interested in acting and has instead decided to focus on other pursuits. Another possibility is that he has been unable to find interesting or challenging roles that fit his talents. Additionally, it is possible that Fraser has encountered personal or professional difficulties that have made it difficult for him to continue working in the film industry.

Is there someone who has cleared the GATE through self-studying? If yes, then how?

GATE is not an exam that can be cleared through self-study. It is a highly competitive exam which requires consistent hard work and dedication over a period of time.

What kind of people are detained in the 6 concentration camps housed inside district jails in Assam? How long is the BJP government planning to keep those suspected illegal immigrants hostage in those camps?

The people detained in the concentration camps are those who are suspected of being illegal immigrants. The BJP government is planning to keep those suspected illegal immigrants hostage in those camps for an indefinite period of time.

Do you have some interesting Hollywood actress eye-catching pictures that make the mind go astray?

Don’t mind, it is not illegal to keep eye-catching pictures! However, there should be no dire outcomes of keeping images on your smartphone. A recent report claimed that FBI warning folks about the possibility of RedTube app virus attack.

Besides regular smartphone viruses, which are more frequently associated with more. ruthless forms of Android malware such as ANDROIDOS_BKOTKLION.A or ANDROIDOS_BKOTKLION.B; cyber criminals are also capable of proving their capacities through creating malicious apps or malicious mobile websites linked with a dangerous browser-hijacking threat named RedTube. It is likely to be bundled with third-party applications downloaded by users online and distributed via free Software download websites andthird-party app repositories. The main use of the virus – redirect people to intrusive websites containing pornographic content or outdated direct browser Infections like ANDROID_HOOQIE.A and ANDROID_EXPANSER.C from where redirection occurs. In case, if you release the RedTube virus and redirect targets every time you try to access popular websites like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Yahoo and many more; don’t worry as you can remove this browser hijacking threat easily by completing removal guide given below:

Instructions To Remove RedTube Virus (Android_RedTube.SZB):

1# First, user need to turn On the device to access application menu then click set-up icon which is located at bottom right side of device panel

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2# Here, you may find history list where each app name is mentioned in chronological order so choose suitable type of application then open it new window on your device display screen after that hit on “Uninstall” option followed by” OK” button for complete riddance from phone memory location:

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What are heavy duty white tarpaulins and their features?

Heavy duty white tarpaulins are tarpaulins made from a heavy duty material that is white in color. These tarpaulins are typically used for outdoor applications where a high level of durability is required, such as in construction or agricultural settings. Heavy duty white tarpaulins typically feature a reinforced seams and grommets, and are often treated with a UV-resistant coating to improve their lifespan.

How does technology alter human growth?

There is no one answer to this question since technology can have both positive and negative effects on human growth. On the one hand, technology can provide humans with access to new information and experiences that can aid in their personal and professional development. On the other hand, technology can also lead to addiction and other harmful behaviors that can stunt human growth.

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