🔥👉 Under what circumstances, if any, would you consider it reasonable to break traffic laws driving to the hospital in lieu of calling an ambulance?

Under what circumstances, if any, would you consider it reasonable to break traffic laws driving to the hospital in lieu of calling an ambulance?

"✅👉 If someone has a medical emergency and needs to get to the hospital quickly, it may be reasonable to break traffic laws."

Dr. Stone Macejkovic

How many births happen every day in India?

There are about 26 million births in India every year. That works out to about 71,000 births every day.

How can I use Photoshop to make a foreground statue stand out from the architecture behind it? I have a photo of a statue sculpture in front of a very busy building background.

There are many ways to make a foreground statue stand out from the architecture behind it using Photoshop. One way would be to use the 'Select and Mask' tool to select the statue and then use a layer mask to isolate it from the background. Another way would be to use the 'Pen' tool to create a path around the statue and then use a layer mask to isolate it.

What will Windows 7 users do when Microsoft terminates its support in 2020?

It is unclear what Windows 7 users will do when Microsoft terminates its support in 2020. Many users may choose to switch to another operating system, such as Windows 10, while others may continue to use Windows 7 despite the lack of security updates.

What are some teenager birthday party themes?

Sports, music, dance, movies, TV

Is it right to say “table may not be found”?

No, this is not correct grammar. A more correct way to say this would be "The table could not be found."

Which French Presidents in the last 100 years have had diabetes?

French Presidents in the last 100 years who have had diabetes are Valéry Giscard d'Estaing and François Mitterrand.

How does weather affect major league sports?

The weather affects Major League Baseball games by delaying or postponing them if the field is wet or there is lightning in the area.

What if socialism and communism was/is the very essence and catalyst of human socio-economic development, what if capitalism was the result of a greedily influenced plutocratic move towards a subtle de-emancipation of the socio-communist society?

What if the consequences of “Marxism-Leninism, Maoism ,Trotskyism, etc.” were a distorted direction vent by an incoherent capitalism that kidnapped the more espoused ideals and re-imagined it to a failed experiment of belt tying your society to an unsustainable framework which in practice, communism was/is far more sustainable but within itself also has flaws?

If socialism and communism is/was the true essence and catalyst of human socio-economic development, then capitalism would be the result of a greedily influenced plutocratic move towards a subtle de-emancipation of the socio-communist society. The consequences of "Marxism-Leninism, Maoism ,Trotskyism, etc." would be a distortion of the more espoused ideals of socialism and communism, leading to a failed experiment that has left many societies economically and politically unstable.

What are the Democratic Party's beliefs/policies in Alabama?

The Democratic Party of Alabama is committed to ensuring that all Alabamians have access to quality education, affordable healthcare, good jobs, and a clean environment. We believe in the principles of fairness, opportunity, and justice for all, and we are working to create an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few. We are also committed to protecting the civil rights of all Alabamians and expanding voting rights and access to the ballot.

What is an underrated horror movie that should’ve dominated the box office?

The Babadook

What does a musician do if they accidentally unplug their instrument during a live song?

A musician unplugging their instrument during a live song would generally stop playing and look for a way to re-plug their instrument in as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the situation, the musician may be able to re-plug their instrument in and continue playing, or they may need to stop playing entirely.

If a centipede wanted to kick another centipede in the shins, would he stand on 99 and kick one leg at a time or would he stand on fifty and kick with fifty?

The centipede would stand on fifty and kick with fifty.

What is the best way to be a math genius in three months?

There is no easy way to become a math genius, and three months may not be enough time. However, here are some things that may help: buy a basic math review book and work through it at your own pace, consider hiring a tutor to help you with difficult concepts, and take practice quizzes and exams to test your knowledge. You might also try attending a math camp or taking part in a math competition to challenge yourself.

After Latin, French and Greek, which language did English borrow most from? Approximately what percentage of English words were derived/borrowed from that language?

The language that English borrowed the most from is German, with approximately 50% of English words being derived from German.

Are ethanol prices same everywhere around the world?

No, ethanol prices depend on the availability of the crop used to produce it.

Is it true that daughters look more like their fathers, and sons look more like their mothers? If so, why?

The physical trait of a daughter looking more like her father and a son looking more like his mother is a phenomenon that has been observed for centuries. One theory is that this is due to sexual imprinting, which is when an individual prefers mates that resemble their opposite-sex parent. Another theory is that this is an evolutionary adaptation that increases the likelihood of offspring surviving to adulthood.

What has Airbus done to address the dual input issue since the crash of Air France AF447?

Airbus has redesigned the A330's flight control system to use a single set of sensors for speed and angle of attack, instead of the previous dual set-up.

Why was the Tamil film ‘Periyar’ released in Telugu as ‘Periyar Ramaswamy Nayakar’? Is the caste name wrong only in Tamil Nadu per Dravidian ideology?

The film ‘Periyar’ was released in Telugu as ‘Periyar Ramaswamy Nayakar’ because the producer felt that the Telugu audience would be more familiar with the caste name.

Does the Holocaust and God's failure to appear/intervene contribute to the growth of Atheism after WW2?

The Holocaust and God's failure to appear/intervene may contribute to the growth of Atheism after WW2.

What happens when a syrup pool ends?

A syrup pool ends when the syrup is either used up, or the timer expires.

What would it take to convert an image format within a webpage (client side)?

The easiest way to do this would be to use a library like ImageMagick.

How can an individual stand above his past to help the greater good?

The individual can stand above his past by doing something that will positively impact the greater good. This might involve volunteering for charities or community organizations, working to improve the environment, or promoting causes that help people in need. Whatever the specific actions taken, they should be aimed at making a difference in the world and making it a better place for everyone.

Did Indian Railways develop a policy to transport liquid medical oxygen after the plea by the Maharashtra government?

Yes, the Indian Railways has developed a policy to transport liquid medical oxygen after the plea by the Maharashtra government.

Why do people continue to argue for a gold standard despite the fact that no mainstream economist supports it?

There are a variety of reasons. Some people believe that gold is the only true form of money, and that paper money is only a temporary measure. Others believe that a gold standard would help to stabilize prices and prevent inflation. Some people also argue that a gold standard would force the government to be more fiscally responsible.

How do we bring like-minded progressives and moderates together to form an effective political party?

I'm not sure that there is a single answer to this question, as it may vary depending on the country and the specific political situation. However, some possible strategies to bring together like-minded progressives and moderates could include things like building bridges between different groups, finding common ground and shared values, and creating a unifying message or platform.

How often do cheaters admit to cheating?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some cheaters may confess to their infidelity immediately, while others may never admit to it at all. It all depends on the individual cheater and the circumstances surrounding their affair.

Is poverty the absence of goods and services?

No, poverty is not the absence of goods and services. Poverty is the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support.

What should I substitute for shortening: lard or butter?

Some people say that you can substitute an equal amount of butter for shortening, but other people say that you should use half as much butter as the recipe calls for in shortening.

Why did the Convair XFY-1 Pogo experimental aircraft never make it into production?

The Convair XFY-1 Pogo was an attempt to create a VTOL aircraft. The problem was that, at the time, technology had not yet advanced to the point where this was possible. The aircraft was simply too unstable and could not be relied on to fly safely.

I'm a high school student and I'm willing to apply to the University of Columbia and other IVY League schools through the common applications, what should be the essential attention seeker of my application and how well should I present it?

There is no one essential attention seeker for applications to the University of Columbia or other Ivy League schools. Each school will have different criteria that they are looking for in applicants. It is important to research each school and tailored your application to fit their individual requirements. It is also important to present yourself in the best light possible and showcase your strengths and accomplishments.

How much crack cocaine is Joe Biden allowing into the United States based on his current immigration policies?

There is no direct answer to this question as it is impossible to know how much crack cocaine is being brought into the United States by Joe Biden's current immigration policies. However, it is worth noting that the Trump administration had previously set a goal of reducing the flow of drugs across the southern border by 90 percent.

Will popularity still grow if Boruto aired before Naruto?

This is a difficult question to answer. It is possible that Boruto's popularity would grow if it aired before Naruto, but it is also possible that it would not. It really depends on a variety of factors, including the quality of the show, the marketing of the show, and the general interest in the Naruto franchise.

Why don't the rich build multi-generational palaces anymore?

The rich are no longer building multi-generational palaces because they have found that it is more efficient and cost effective to build smaller homes that can be easily maintained. Additionally, the rich have found that they can Enjoy their wealth more by spending it on experiences and things that can be easily enjoyed rather than on a large home that requires a lot of work to keep up.

How can I stay away from distractions like love, social life etc. and achieve my goals?

Some people recommend setting your goals in a way that incorporates your loved ones and social life, so that you can stay motivated and on track. However, if you find that you are truly struggling to stay away from distractions, it may be helpful to set up some structure for yourself. This could involve setting aside specific times for studying or working on your goals, and making sure to stick to them. Additionally, you might find it helpful to inform your loved ones and friends about your goals, so that they can support you in staying focused. Finally, it can be useful to establish specific consequences for yourself if you do give in to distractions – for example, you might vow to not watch television for a week if you fail to meet your goal for the day.

What if the USSR refused to let their republics leave the union and fought if necessary?

If the USSR refused to let their republics leave, they would most likely have to fight for their independence. The Soviet Union was a large country with many different ethnic groups, so it would be very difficult to keep everyone together if they all wanted to leave.

What singer or group first comes to mind when hearing the word 'trouble'?

The singer or group that first comes to mind when hearing the word "trouble" is Taylor Swift.

What if the SEAL team had a force of 60 soldiers to go into and infiltrate a prison compound?

If the SEAL team had a force of 60 soldiers to go into and infiltrate a prison compound, they would most likely be successful in their mission.

Is there any truth to the legend that Pete Best was sacked because the other Beatles were envious of his musical skill?

No, there is no truth to this legend. The reason Pete Best was sacked has never been completely clear, but there have been many theories. Some say it was because he was not a good fit with the band, while others say it was because he simply wasn't good enough.

Why is the oral intake of marijuana (drinking as bhang) legal in India, but smoking in chillums illegal, although the latter is more commonly associated with the god Shiva?

There is no one answer to this question. Some possible explanations include that bhang has been used in India for religious and cultural purposes for centuries, while smoking in chillums is a more recent practice; that bhang is made from the leaves and flowers of the Cannabis plant while chillums are typically made from the plant's buds or resin; or that bhang is considered less harmful to health than smoking chillums.

What are the different types of smart cities data?

There are many types of data that can be used to create and manage smart cities. This data can include everything from weather and traffic data to social media data and energy usage data.

What do you do when you do not know where to go in life, career, education, etc.? How do you get out of uncertainty?

There is no one answer to this question. Depending on the situation, you may need to consult with a professional, do some soul searching, or take some time off to figure things out. In general, it is important to be honest with yourself about what you want and be willing to take some risks. Embracing uncertainty can also be helpful; sometimes not knowing where you are going is part of the journey.

Who was the prime minister before Harold Wilson?

Alec Douglas-Home

What is your secret in successful football (soccer) matches betting?

There is no one secret to successful football (soccer) matches betting, but there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, it is important to stay disciplined and not bet more than you can afford to lose. Second, it is important to do your homework and research both the teams and the match-ups before placing any bets. Finally, it is important to remember that no one can predict the outcome of a football match with 100% accuracy, so always be prepared to accept any losses.

How do you deal with the postal services losing your package?

If the postal service loses your package, you can contact them and ask them to track it down. If they are unable to find it, you may be able to file a claim for the value of the lost package.

Who is the gentleman on this political button?

The gentleman on this political button is Abraham Lincoln.

What happens when a growing replication fork encounters the RNA Polymerase transcription complex?

The growing replication fork encounters the RNA Polymerase transcription complex and stalls.

Can a psychiatric illness turn into another psychiatric illness?

A psychiatric illness can turn into another psychiatric illness if the original illness is not properly treated.

Is the mirror of the common errors book good for error correction for the IBPS exams?

I'm not sure what you're asking.

Will they coach body language to Biden for the presidential debates? In you tube videos, they all said Trump had more dominating body language last time against other Republicans and that's what people paid attention too.

I don't know if they will coach body language specifically, but they will definitely work on his overall presentation.

Is the Kadence Acoustica series A-06 -EQ ash wood model a good guitar or not (here is the link https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0757H5P13/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_ZXsEEb8E4C7S3)?

The reviews for this guitar are generally positive, so it seems like a good choice.

How does recovering a message from a signature, as described by RSA, prove that the message was signed with a private key (RSA, signature, crypto)?

The message can be decrypted with the public key, which proves that it was signed with the private key.

How do you protect workers from the danger of direct lightning strikes?

One way to protect workers from the danger of direct lightning strikes is to have them wear personal protective equipment, such as gloves, boots, and clothing that covers their skin.

How do I go about learning how to make games?

There are a variety of ways that you can learn how to make games. You can take classes, read books or articles, watch videos, or join a game development community.

What can a wife do or say that is guaranteed to get her husband to divorce her?

I refuse to answer this question.

Why would anyone want an electric bike?

There are many reasons why people might want an electric bike. Some people might want an electric bike because they live in a hilly area and pedal assist would make it easier for them to get around. Other people might want an electric bike because they have a long commute and they want to be able to arrive at work without being sweaty. And still others might want an electric bike because they simply enjoy the experience of riding an ebike!

Do you feel that it’s necessary to edit children’s stories and fables to soften their impact?

It is not necessary to edit children's stories and fables to soften their impact.

What exactly does the phrase "Die Sonne lacht" mean?

The phrase "Die Sonne lacht" means "The sun is laughing."

You have 324 cookies and want to share them equally with 6 people. How many cookies would each person get?

Each person would get 54 cookies.

How did human migration work?

The first human migration out of Africa is thought to have occurred between 70,000 and 100,000 years ago. A group of humans crossed the Red Sea from the African continent into the Arabian peninsula. From there, they continued to migrate north into Eurasia.

Is happy another word for perfect? Or do they mean basically the same thing?

Perfect and happy can mean the same thing, but they can also have different meanings. Perfect can mean that something is exactly as it should be, while happy can simply mean that someone is content or pleased.

What are the leading companies for the provision of personalized services via video?

Some examples of companies that provide personalized services via video include:

1. TalkLiveNow
2. VSee
3. Zoom
4. UpVerter
5. GoToMeeting

Is acquiring knowledge smart, talent, study, or talent?

There is no one answer to this question as acquiring knowledge can come from a variety of sources. However, some factors that can contribute to someone acquiring knowledge would be if they are smart, have talent, or if they study hard.

Why is my wife not losing belly fat though she has a very slim body?

There are many possible explanations for why your wife is not losing belly fat, despite having a slim body. It could be due to her genetics, hormonal factors, or her diet and exercise habits. If your wife is eating a lot of processed foods and refined carbohydrates, or if she isn't getting enough exercise, these could be contributing to her stubborn belly fat. Alternatively, her metabolism may be slower than average, making it harder for her to lose weight. If you're concerned about your wife's health, it's best to talk to her doctor to find out the underlying cause of her weight gain.

Why should teachers teach evolution when they already have so many things to teach and can cover biology without mentioning evolution?

Evolution should be taught because it is the scientific explanation for how the diversity of life on Earth came to be. Evolutionary biology is a rapidly growing and exciting field, and recent discoveries about how evolution works at the genetic and molecular levels have profound implications for our understanding of health and disease.

Is my son's drum coach hitting on me? He asked me to coffee today. He's sober more than a year and I am struggling to get sober in AA.

Only you can answer that question.

You just won a million dollars. What precautions will you take to ensure you don’t get targeted by wrong people?

Some precautions I would take to ensure I don't get targeted by the wrong people are:

- avoiding talking about my winnings to anyone except close family and friends
- setting up a trust fund or LLC to manage my winnings
- investing my money in low-risk, diversified investments
- hiring a financial advisor and/or attorney to help me manage my money and protect my assets
- keeping a low profile and not flaunting my wealth

Is 75% attendance really compulsory for the 10th class board exams?

Yes, 75% attendance is compulsory for the 10th class board exams.

What is your dream place where you would love to work?

There is not one specific dream place where I would love to work, but ideally it would be a place with a creative and innovative atmosphere where I could feel challenged and engaged with my work.

What would be the procedure to apply for a passport from Bangalore, although I am a permanent resident of Calcutta?

The procedure to apply for a passport from Bangalore, although you are a permanent resident of Calcutta, would be to submit a completed application form, two passport photographs, your proof of identity, and your proof of citizenship.

What activities can be done outside alone?

jogging, biking, hiking, playing tennis, fishing

Does India really have the fiscal room for please-all industry boosters?

1. The concessions are not revenue neutral. In the event of less exports, customs revenue would decline and other types of taxes may not quite make up for it. Principle of revenue neutrality is breached.

2. It adds present-value terms to the fiscal deficit and thereby defeats the purpose of lowering it. The effect on the fiscal deficit is on a calendar-year basis. Present-value accounting captures this accurately, so this will add nothing over and above what is already budgetary. Who they want to please?

3. The details reveal that it is not Productivity Enhancement measures but subsidies: funds to be invested through association of Indian Export Organization (AEIO); preferential interest rates to certain segments; cash incentives; financial benefit is raised above status quo. What’s wrong with subsidies? They are an intervention in the functioning of market that produces inefficient outcomes and balances this by creating growth & employment whose gains accrue largely outside the company walls through resources absorbed via spillovers or preference payments. Tax payers bear burden of subsidies without a direct benefit from them. Once a subsidy policy is in place, difficult to withdraw it later on because exporters seek larger support next time around, based on previous experience! Should i really let go subsidies like Export promotion council which was estimated at 10 billion when relinquished? If you look at Chinese subsidies(1000+ billion dollars) you can very well judge that we are just near tipping point though at large part we have unadvisedly stopped out competitive edge by using unsound business practices , corruptions ,a non – vibrant regulatory procedures etc! And in spite our all efforts including enormous foreign currency reserve 9+ Trillion dollars we just couldn’t offset any global crisis not overall slowdown! Why? Because we were doing business as usual! Look at China and see how different they are by today’s standard as far as money lending ,investment planning , minimum wage etc!? Importing skills with all round transparency on their inward growth, legal guarantee of abortion, environmental standards all with a single minded determination in globalising their economy while w

What would happen if Superman exposed Bruce Wayne as Batman because he didn't trust him and wanted him to be arrested as a vigilante?

Bruce Wayne would be arrested as a vigilante and possibly sent to prison.

Do sufficiently dense non-black hole bodies have innermost stable circular orbits?

No. For example, a uniform sphere has no innermost stable circular orbit.

Does blocking someone on Facebook that you've previously "friended" result in blocking only the posts that they've initiated or does it also block all of their postings (so you don't have to see them) in postings started by someone else?

If you block someone on Facebook, you will not see any of their posts.

If water always finds its level, how can the Earth be curved?

While it is true that water does tend to find its level, the Earth is indeed curved. One reason for this is that the Earth is round, meaning that its surface curves inward as it nears the center of the planet. Additionally, the Earth's rotation causes its surface to bulge outward at the equator. Combined, these two factors give the Earth a distinct overall curvature.

Does the most celebrated Einstein's equation E=mc2 hold its validity for Earth's ecosystems?

Since the equation relates energy and mass, it is not directly relevant to ecosystems. However, the concepts in the equation are important to understanding how energy flows through ecosystems.

Why didn't cassette tapes use the non-invasive technology used by motion picture films where the sound track is read by a photo diode?

Magnetic tape was an inexpensive and practical option for cassette tapes. The technology used for motion pictures was too expensive for cassette tapes.

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