🔥👉 What makes the architect personality type the world’s most complex and rare personality?

What makes the architect personality type the world’s most complex and rare personality?

"✅👉 Architects are complex and rare because they are highly independent, creative, and intellectual individuals. They are often misunderstood because they are not always the best at social interaction and can come across as cold or aloof. However, architects are usually highly successful in their careers and are able to use their creativity and intellect to solve complex problems."

Vernie Weimann

What are the weirdest kinds of deaths?

1. People who die from falling coconuts
2. People who die from being stabbed by pencils
3. People who die from being bitten by rats
4. People who die from being stung by bees
5. People who die from beinghit by fencing swords

What is the difference between analog circuits and digital circuits?

Analog circuits operate with continuous voltages and digital circuits operate with discrete voltages.

I live in Vermont and sometimes make reference to the practice of "tapping" maple trees for syrup. Frequently, laughter ensues or is suppressed. Why is this funny?

There are a few reasons why this might be funny. First, tapping maple trees is not something that people typically do, so it may seem strange or unexpected. Second, the word "tapping" might make people think of tapped dance, which is a type of dance that is often considered to be Funny. Finally, the act of tapping a maple tree may simply be entertaining to watch, in a quirky or humorous way.

Is there proof of a world that is external to the realm of our possible experiences?

There is no direct proof of a world that is external to the realm of our possible experiences, but there are indirect proofs that support the existence of such a world. One indirect proof is the fact that our experiences seem to be causally connected to events that we cannot directly observe. For example, we can see the effect of a lightbulb turning on in a dark room, even though we cannot directly observe the lightbulb itself. This suggests that there must be something beyond our immediate experiences that is causing the events that we experience. Another indirect proof is the fact that we can know things about the world that we have never experienced directly. For example, we can learn about other cultures or distant stars without ever experiencing them firsthand. This suggests that our minds must have some way of accessing information about a reality that is beyond our immediate experiences.

My sister's urinary bladder wall thickness is 6.2mm. She was having acidity so the general physician asked for USG. Is it normal? Should we be worried?

No, bladder wall thickness of 6.2 mm is not considered normal. Your sister should follow up with her general physician to discuss the results of her ultrasound and to determine if any further testing or treatment is needed.

During the past few months, what virtues have you seen people exhibit? What vices? Have the vices been vices of excess or deficiency?

There has been a lot of turmoil in the world lately, and I have seen people exhibit both virtues and vices. Some virtues I have seen are kindness, patience, and understanding. People have also been quick to anger, judgmental, and closed-minded. The vices seem to be more of excesses rather than deficiencies.

Is it possible to start a furniture business in the USA as an international student shifting to an E1 visa and reach 100 million in 5 years? Since I have been doing furniture business 4 years and read over 20 books of furniture business.

It's possible, but it would be a challenge.

The E1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa for foreign nationals who come to the United States to engage in international trade. The E1 visa classification applies to foreign nationals who are citizens of countries with which the United States has a bilateral treaty of commerce and navigation. The E1 visa allows a foreign national to remain in the United States for as long as necessary to carry on substantial international trade. There is no limit on the number of extensions that may be granted to an E1 visa holder.

To qualify for an E1 visa, the foreign national must demonstrate that:
The foreign national is a citizen of a treaty country;
The foreign national has been admitted to the United States as a treaty trader;
The trading firm for which the foreign national works has substantial international trade with the United States; and
The foreign national seeks to enter the United States solely to engage in substantial international trade on behalf of the trading firm.

In order to engage in substantial international trade, the volume of trade must be sufficient to justify the presence of a key employee in the United States. There is no specific minimum requirement, but typically, the trade must be greater than $500,000 annually.

Why is a used gear only marginally cheaper than a new gear?

There are a few reasons for this. First, the company that made the gear originally has no incentive to discount a used gear, since they have already made their money on that particular product. Second, the used gear may not be in as good condition as a new gear, which means it may not work as well or last as long. Finally, the used gear market is relatively small, so there is less competition and thus less pressure to lower prices.

Do right wingers admire Vladimir Putin's ruthlessness and disdain for liberal values such as truth, free speech, and democracy?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as opinions on Putin and his policies vary greatly among right wingers. Some right wingers may very well admire Putin for his ruthlessness and disdain for liberal values, while others may view him with suspicion or dislike him outright.

Till what point of time in history US and other countries which are developed now were considered to be developing?

The United States and other developed countries were considered to be developing until the early 21st century.

If "Ultra Instinct" was just a technique, will Goku be able to return to that state with his energy replenished?

Yes, once he has had time to rest and regain his energy, Goku should be able to return to the Ultra Instinct state.

How concerning is the sexualisation of teenage girls in TV programs and films such as The Fall and Things Unseen, where they are shown to sexually pursue much older men and seem to be the instigators of their own abuse?

Looking at the media where it is discussed and the talks that I have had with teenage girls, I don't think it particularly concerns them. You would need to be really really worried if you thought that teenage girls were basing their expectations of real life on fiction.

Do you think such a portrayal glamorises the abuse and elevates young female characters to inappropriate levels, potentially objectifying girls and even causing them to be looked upon more sympathetically as a consequence?

Obviously there is some crossover between wanting a fictional character to how you actually behave but again, I do not sense much concern in teenage girls I meet that they are going to get abused based on things they see in soap operas and movies. Of what concern could this be when amongst other examples of media much more direct attention and arguably glamourisation is placed on reality TV. For example, the amount of coverage given by "Mr and Mrs" types shows to some really horrible people who cheat, beat or do pretty much anything else terrible with each other creates an environment where you are interested in the bad behaviour simply because it provides fifteen minutes of fame for someone. There has been far more pressure placed by those kinds of shows on women and terrible PR around men than any soap opera could provide.

You have worked with both sex offenders and survivors of sexual abuse what are your biggest concerns around sexual abuse crimes in Northern Ireland moving forward?

I am particularly concerned about cyber stalking and cyber harassment which specifically targets women. What has been interesting looking at going public on presenting my thoughts as a point of view on various issues is seeing who does have an opinion on this stuff out there in society. MEN DO NOT THINK THIS STUFF HAPPENS TO THEM. They §h!t themselves when you tell them about girls being harassed real time, who have pictures taken trackside without their permission after being followed home from the train station. Men tend to see this kind of activity as purely adults only and either 1) excludes boys from girls being victims 2) boys alone committing crimes in regard to cyber stalking or 3) boys only asvictims, which while to some extent true still ignores adult men as victims (see Derek Richardson's last article here). Guys talking seem like they can't believe it so somehow it doesn't count if men don't believe other men cannot accept it is happening.

Everything centers around adults but these behaviors are impacting teenagers who are trying

Why did boys on the school yard ask me to box jump onto a bench? They typically do not talk to me. Does this give them "a show"?

There could be many reasons why the boys asked you to box jump onto a bench. It is possible that they think you are a good athlete and want to see you display your skills. It is also possible that they are trying to intimidate you or make you look foolish in front of others. If you are uncomfortable with the situation, you can politely decline or walk away.

Which types of crops were forced to cultivate by the British in India?

The British in India forced many crops to be cultivated, including rice, wheat, tobacco, opium, and indigo.

What are some interesting obscure groups, chapters, warbands, organizations, etc. in the Warhammer 40K universe?

1. The Grey Knights are an elite group of warriors who fight against the Chaos forces of the Warp.

2. The Sisters of Battle are a group of fanatical women who fight for the Imperium.

3. The Adeptus Mechanicus is a religious order that worships the machines of war.

4. The Deathwatch is a group of Space Marines who are specially trained to fight the enemies of the Imperium.

5. The Inquisition is a shadowy group that investigates and hunts down heresy and rebels.

How long does it take to cook frozen chicken tenders in an air fryer?

Frozen chicken tenders will take about 15 minutes to cook in an air fryer.

On average, how many years can a bike run?

seven years

If a country launched a first strike nuclear attack at another country, wouldn't a retaliation be pointless, spiteful, and selfish?

A retaliation would not be pointless, but it would be spiteful and selfish.

Does Islam say how many years ago the world was created like the Bible says?

The Bible says that the world was created about 6,000 years ago. Islam does not give a specific answer, but some Muslims believe that the world was created between 5,770 and 5,932 years ago.

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Do you think China has agents (in government and public agencies) waiting for the signal in Taiwan already waiting to kill those around them?

There is no evidence that China has agents in Taiwan waiting to kill those around them.

Why do people trust vashikaran and black magic ?

There is no easy answer to this question. Some people may trust vashikaran and black magic because they believe that these practices can help them achieve their goals, while others may trust them because they have seen them work firsthand.Regardless of the reasons, it is clear that many people around the world do believe in the power of vashikaran and black magic.

What are the best ways to pass and male and/or heighten my testosterone?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best ways to pass and male and/or heighten testosterone levels may vary depending on the individual's unique needs. However, some potential ways to increase testosterone levels include regular exercise, a healthy diet, and adequate sleep. Additionally, there are certain supplements that may help to increase testosterone levels, such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D.

What is scientifically better; breakfast or brunch?

Brunch is scientifically better because it combines the best of both breakfast and lunch.

What is the justice view in ethics?

The justice view in ethics is the belief that people should be treated fairly and equally. This view is based on the idea of altruism, or the belief that people should help others for the good of society.

Are vitamin and mineral supplements effective ways to meet my daily vitamin requirements?

If you have a diet that is lacking in certain vitamins or minerals, then taking a supplement can be an effective way to meet your daily requirements. However, it is always best to get your nutrients from food first, and supplements should only be used to fill in the gaps.

Can I drive a foreign registered car in the UK?

It is not a requirement to register your car in the country you reside, but you must have valid insurance.

Does your Church serve a Latin Mass?

No, our church does not serve a Latin Mass.

What are some facts about British rule in India which are often not talked about?

1. British rule in India led to the subjugation of millions of Indians and the plunder of the country's resources.

2. British rule in India led to the spread of Western culture and values, which often conflicted with traditional Indian culture.

3. British rule in India resulted in social, economic, and political inequality between Indians and Britons.

4. British rule in India often resulted in violence and conflict, as the British attempted to impose their will on a largely unwilling population.

I work at KFC and they are trying to say I cannot leave the lobby on my half can they do that?

You should speak to your manager about this.

A family member gave me a very scared cat and the poor baby is hiding for over a week now. We have found her hiding under recliners, and squeezing under doors into small closets. How do we keep her safe while she learns to trust us?

One of the best things you can do to keep your cat safe is to create a safe space for her. This can be done by providing her with a cozy bed or box that she can retreat to when she feels scared or overwhelmed. You should also try to avoid making any sudden movements or loud noises that could startle her. Give her time to adjust to her new surroundings and build up trust with you before attempting to handle or pick her up.

If a marriage ends, should the woman return the engagement ring?

It depends. There is no one definitive answer.

Does Frank Underwood deserve to be the president?

This is a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, Underwood is a skilled politician who has demonstrated an ability to get things done. On the other hand, he is also a ruthless opportunist who is willing to sacrifice anything - including people's lives - in order to further his own career. Ultimately, whether or not Underwood deserves to be the president is a matter of opinion.

Why should you give a damn about improving the lives of other people if you had to fight and pay for everything you have? How can you be sure you are not just trying to elevate your own ego?

There is no sure way to know if you are just trying to elevate your own ego. However, if your goal is to help improve the lives of others, then it is likely that you are not motivated solely by ego. Additionally, even if you are motivated by ego, improving the lives of others can still be a worthwhile goal.

What are the rules in subject-verb agreement?

The rules in subject-verb agreement are that the subject and the verb must agree in number.

How can I fix my eyebrows? They fade away at the second half of them and I sometimes get painful small spots under them. The fading only started a few years ago.

Eyebrow tinting and henna are both great options.

What are 5 must-read books for 2018?

1. Becoming by Michelle Obama
2. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones
3. Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan
4.There There by Tommy Orange
5. Educated by Tara Westover

Does anyone actually believe that the missile strikes ordered by Trump against Syria are anything more than a political ploy?

I do not think so.

What is the logic behind dressing elegantly when attending a wedding ceremony?

There is no one answer to this question as there is no one specific reason why people might choose to dress elegantly when attending a wedding ceremony. Some people may do so because they feel that it is respectful to dress up for such a formal occasion, while others may simply enjoy dressing up and want to look their best for the big day. Whatever the reason, dressing elegantly for a wedding ceremony can certainly make the event more memorable and special.

Is college football almost as big as the NFL in terms of fan following?

College football is almost as big as the NFL in terms of fan following.

What are some illustrations that show the irony of modern relationships?

1. A couple argues over what to watch on TV, when they both are looking at their phones.

2. A woman is upset with her husband for forgetting their anniversary, but she can't remember the last time she asked him about his day.

3. A man is jealous of his wife's close relationship with her best friend, but he has never told her how much he loves her.

4. A couple spends all night arguing about who is more busy and doesn't have time for each other, when they both work the same job and have the same hours.

How long will it before we see home robots, similar to Boston Dynamics?

It is difficult to predict when home robots will become available, as this depends on a number of factors including technological advances and economic conditions. However, it is possible that home robots will become available within the next decade.

How will the competition between cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.), and the ease with which new cryptocurrencies are created, impact their long-term usefulness and value?

One potential impact of the competition between cryptocurrencies is that it could lead to the development of new and improved technologies. For example, if one cryptocurrency is able to provide more security or processing power than another, it may become the preferred choice of users and investors. This could lead to increased demand for the more popular cryptocurrency, which could in turn drive up its price. In addition, the ease with which new cryptocurrencies can be created could also impact their long-term usefulness and value. If there are too many cryptocurrencies in existence, it could become difficult for users and investors to keep track of them all, which could lead to decreased demand and prices.

Which book should I follow for Romantic and Victorian poetry?

There are many books that focus on Romantic and Victorian poetry, so it really depends on what your interests are. For a more general overview of the period, you might want to check out The Norton Anthology of English Literature. If you're looking for a more in-depth exploration of a particular poet, you might want to read one of the many biographies or critical studies available.

Have you ever seen your teacher in a bikini on a school trip?

No, I have not.

Can homicidal thoughts be caused by attention seeking or histrionic tendencies?

It is possible that homicidal thoughts could be caused by attention seeking or histrionic tendencies.

Who is the tallest person in Game of Thrones?

The Tallest person in Game of Thrones is Hodor. He is played by Kristian Nairn who is 6'11" tall.

Have you received your family portrait (as a gift) , but regretted you weren’t invited to participate in the photo?

I can't say that I have.

Why isn't the magnetic tape in the mellotron a loop so that the sample could be played as long as you hold it?

The magnetic tape in the mellotron is not a loop because it was designed to be played for a specific length of time. If the tape were a loop, the sample would play indefinitely and would eventually become distorted.

How do I make a human lifesize sculpture out of soda can tabs?

Assuming you want to use soda can tabs as your only material, you would first need to create a frame out of some other material that can support the weight of the tabs. Once you have your frame, you would then need to start attaching the tabs to the frame, one by one. This would be a very time-consuming process, but it is possible to create a sculpture out of soda can tabs.

How long can we hold short-selling positions?

The length of time that a short-sell position can be held depends on the broker. For example, Interactive Brokers requires that short-selling positions be closed out by the end of the same trading day.

Where and when did the phrase "lumbering along" (meaning, to walk with a purposeful but heavy step) originate?

There is no certain answer to this question, but the phrase is likely to have originated in North America in the 19th century.

Skepticism: Of the 400+ episodes of Brian Dunning's Skeptoid , what are the weakest argued ones, if any?

It is hard to point to any specific episodes of Brian Dunning's Skeptoid podcast that could be considered weakest in terms of argument. However, there are a few episodes in which Dunning does not seem to provide as much evidence to support his claims as he does in other episodes. For example, in the episode "Who Was the Real Anastasia Romanov?", Dunning relies heavily on the testimony of a single individual, who may not be the most reliable source. Additionally, in the episode "The Spontaneous Human Combustion Hoax", Dunning relies heavily on anecdotes, which are not always the most reliable type of evidence.

My age is 16, my height's 185 cm and I weigh around 64 kg. I wanna start with lifting weights. What weight of dumbbells should I use for a beginner?

First, consult with a doctor or professional to make sure it’s safe for you to begin lifting weights. If cleared, start with light dumbbells (5-10 lbs) and gradually increase the weight as you get stronger.

Is PUBG banned in any country?

Yes, PUBG is banned in many countries including India.

What are the TV laws in Japan like? Can minors be shown on TV? Is parental consent needed?

There are no explicit laws regulating what can and cannot be shown on television in Japan. However, the Broadcast Code of Ethics, which is maintained by the Japan Broadcasting Association, asks broadcasters to avoid showing content that is excessively violent, sexual, or graphic in nature. In addition, broadcasters are advised to take into consideration the age of their audience when airing programs. As a result, most Japanese television stations air programs that are suitable for family viewing.

Minors can be shown on TV in Japan without parental consent. However, broadcasters typically avoid showing minors in programs that contain graphic or mature content.

What does Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son, have to say about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

I don't know.

Can you physically hold a Thorium ball without any serious radiation based consequences?

Yes, you can physically hold a Thorium ball without any serious radiation based consequences. However, you should avoid prolonged exposure to the ball, as it will emit alpha particles which can be harmful if inhaled or ingested.

Would you own a pit bull having small children around?

No, I would not.

Which film will you watch this weekend: Pink or Raaz Reboot?

I will watch Pink this weekend.

Should the court lift President Trump's ban on Twitter for freedom of expression in the United States?

Yes, the court should lift President Trump's ban on Twitter for freedom of expression in the United States.

Why is Tamil Nadu always ignored by the railway department even if it generates more revenue than many states?

There are a variety of reasons why Tamil Nadu is often ignored by the railway department. Some of these reasons include:

-Tamil Nadu is a relatively poor state in terms of infrastructure and resources. This means that the railway department may not feel that investing in the state is a good use of resources.

-The railway department may feel that other states are more deserving of investment, due to their larger populations or greater need for infrastructure development.

-Tamil Nadu has historically been neglected by the central government, which may influence the railway department's decision-making.

How do I select a faculty in second semester at VIT Chennai?

To select a faculty in second semester at VIT Chennai, you will need to login to the Student Portal using your credentials. Once you have logged in, click on the "Second Semester" button on the main navigation bar. On the next page, click on the "Faculty" tab. This will take you to a list of all the faculty members at VIT Chennai. Select the faculty member you wish to select and click on the "Submit" button.

How were Nephi, Laman, etc. able to steer their ship from Arabia to the Americas without encountering land masses such as Australia and Indonesia?

There is no record of them sailing around Australia or Indonesia. Most likely, they followed the currents in the Indian and Pacific Oceans which would have taken them north of Australia and Indonesia.

Did Trump cancel his Jan 6 2022 press conference because his advisers knew it was a stupid idea and finally convinced him to drop it?

Yes, Trump's advisers convinced him to cancel his Jan 6 2022 press conference because they knew it was a stupid idea.

We want to know and understand how you observe, perceive, think, and engage with yourself and the world around you. Respond to all parts of the following prompt accordingly. Reflect on a belief or opinion held by you, which you questioned & examined?

Why did you originally hold this belief or opinion, and why did you choose to re-examine it?

I originally held the opinion that the world was a fair and just place. I believed that if I worked hard and did everything right, I would be rewarded. I questioned this belief when I saw people who were lazy and didn't work hard getting rewards that I felt I deserved. I also questioned this belief when bad things happened to good people. I decided to re-examine this belief because it wasn't making me happy anymore. I realized that the world is not fair and just, but that doesn't mean it's not a good place.

How should the private sector and regulatory forces focus their efforts to better develop the unmet financial needs of the poor through latest technologies?

The private sector and regulatory forces should focus their efforts on developing financial products and services that are specifically designed to meet the unmet needs of the poor. They should also work to ensure that these products and services are accessible and affordable to those who need them.

How can I understand without a weight scale that I am losing weight, specifically losing fat?

The best way to measure if you are losing fat is to take your measurements. Take your waist, hips, and thigh measurements and write them down. Take these measurements once a week and compare them to the week before. If you see that your measurements are going down, then you are losing fat.

Can I quit it job and join fathers retail business meanwhile prepare for CAT?

It is possible to quit your job and join your father's retail business while preparing for the CAT exam. However, it is important to note that doing so may impact your ability to devote the necessary time and attention to studying for the exam. It is also worth considering whether or not you would be able to obtain a suitable position with your father's business if you were to ultimately decide to pursue a career in business.

Can a loyal IFS afford a Rolls Royce?


Is it easy to put a tire on a rim?

It is easy to put a tire on a rim.

Using the book going fishing with Mr Crabtree did anyone ever find a "Crabtree Bay" for winter fishing and actually catch any fish?

There is no Crabtree Bay, but Mr. Crabtree went fishing in many different places. He usually caught fish, but sometimes he didn't.

Is high cup-to-disk ratio a problem? I have a cup-to-disk ratio of 0.6 in both eyes, but intraocular pressure is 14. Should I be worried?

A cup-to-disk ratio of 0.6 is considered normal. Intraocular pressure of 14 is also considered normal. You should not be worried.

What's a sentence you never said in your entire life?

I'm a unicorn.

I’m now really pessimistic about the future of Nigeria. It's all about politics and who takes the biggest slice of the national cake. Can Nigeria do better than what is currently obtained?

- Oluwaseun Oyekoya, 23, Lagos

I do not have much confidence in this president. There is no transparency anywhere except for the distorted picture he is painting for Nigerians. I am all for change and along with that, I look forward to the future of our dear nation. I just hope I will still be alive to see it.

- Jeremiah Obed Udeh Agege, 22, Kwara

It was difficult before and it is still difficult even with someone at the helm of affairs who promised change. Now, we have a whole lot of 419 fraudsters in gover

How do we start a wooden manufacturing business?

There is no one answer to this question as it will vary depending on the products you wish to manufacture and the size of your business. However, some things you may need to do include setting up a workshop, purchasing equipment, sourcing materials and hiring employees. You will also need to obtain any necessary licenses and permits.

What one ingredient ruins a perfectly good burger?

One ingredient that can ruin a perfectly good burger is if the meat is overcooked. If the burger is dry, crumbly, and tough, it ruins the meal.

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