🔥👉 What should I reply when someone says busy as usual?

What should I reply when someone says busy as usual?

"✅👉 I'm sorry to hear that things are still busy for you."

Dr. Jared Hartmann Jr.

What is the difference between naan, kulcha, phulka, rotti, paratha and a chappati?

Naan, kulcha, and phulka are all leavened, whereas roti and paratha are unleavened. Naan is soft and fluffy, kulcha is denser, and phulka is light and airy. Roti is made with whole wheat flour and paratha is made with maida (refined flour). Chappati is similar to roti but is made with a lesser amount of water so it is softer.

Does silence really mean I don't care?

One interpretation of silence could be that the person does not care, but there are many other interpretations and it largely depends on the context.

What do I do if my probation officer and her supervisor are giving me a hard time? I have been on probation and terminated successfully in the past. Previous officers had no trouble with me at all.

If your probation officer and her supervisor are giving you a hard time, you should talk to your lawyer. If you have a good relationship with your probation officer, you should try to work things out with her. If you are having difficulty with your probation officer, you may want to consider changing probation officers.

"Aren't I included too?" Is this really grammatical?! It is from Merriam Webster, though I still find it strange!

If you want to be included, you should ask a different question.

Who is the best pitcher to never win a Cy Young award?

The answer to this question is difficult to determine definitively as there are a number of pitchers who could be considered for the title of "best pitcher to never win a Cy Young award." However, some pitchers who may be contenders for this title include Bert Blyleven, Tommy John, and Javier Vazquez.

What are you to do, if your wife told you a man around the neighborhood is trying to be too friendly with too many compliments?

If you are concerned that the man is romantic interest in your wife, you should talk to your wife about your concerns. If the man is just being friendly, there is no need to worry.

Are there places in the world where women don't normally wear underwear under their skirts?

There is no definitive answer to this question since fashion trends vary greatly by culture and region. However, it is generally considered appropriate for women to wear underwear under their skirts in most parts of the world.

Did Jeff Bezos's text messages to his lover really get caught?

It is not clear if Jeff Bezos's text messages to his lover were actually caught.

What are some "if only" moments in British history?

If only the Spanish Armada had been defeated.
If only Henry VIII had married Anne of Cleves.
If only Lady Jane Grey had not been executed.
If only Charles I had not been executed.
If only Oliver Cromwell had not died.
If only James II had not been overthrown.
If only Bonnie Prince Charlie had been successful.

Which founders value company culture more than profits?

Some founders value company culture more than profits because they believe that a strong company culture will lead to greater profits in the long term. They may also believe that a focus on company culture will attract and retain the best employees, which will also contribute to profitability.

Can a college degree help get me promoted faster as an enlisted serviceman?

There are no specific promotions for enlisted servicemen with college degrees, but it may give them an edge when competing for promotions against others without degrees. In some cases, a college degree may be required for certain positions.

Should I display restaurant menus as tables on a website?

It is not recommended to display restaurant menus as tables on a website. It is better to use a different format, such as a list, because it is easier to scan and read.

Is depression common among INTJ women?

There is no definitive answer to this question as depression can affect anyone, regardless of personality type. However, some research suggests that INTJ women may be more prone to depression than other personality types. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including their intense need for intellectual stimulation, perfectionism, and tendency to be lone wolves. If you are an INTJ woman and you think you may be depressed, it is important to seek professional help.

Why did Donegal not get the same sectarian divide as the rest of Ulster after the Ulster Plantations?

The plantation of Ulster did not take place in Donegal to the same extent as it did in the rest of Ulster. This meant that the Native Irish were not dispossessed of their lands to the same degree, and so they did not experience the same level of sectarianism.

Let's say somebody is an owner of a large amount of shares and the shares are heavily shorted, so nearly no shares are available to borrow. What would happen if the owner of large amounts of shares decided to just borrow shares in the market?

I assume, that being one of the major shareholders would be helpful in terms of borrowing shares or, should I say, "disabled" the safety features placed on margin accounts?
Also how would adjustments affect price per share and owner's ownership percentage?


There is a difference between borrowing shares and lending shares. If an investor lent their shares instead of borrowing, they would still own the majority percentage of the stock. They would not be involved in the shorting process but could still profit handsomely off of any work the company did to overcome the shorts. Moreover, they would not lose voting rights and could continue to have a matters impacted on their business proportionate to their ownership stake.
Clearly this is simply a good idea for any shareholder with shares shorted against it as a hedge against losing stock value in every way except cash you otherwise need now. In times of market turmoil, it creates another floor that can protect you against selling these stocks at losses they may not deserve while being compensated much higher than you could get otherwise through interest on the loan and market appreciation out-stripping loan defaults.

What is worse a hateful word or a hateful action?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the individual situation. In general, however, a hateful action is likely to be perceived as being worse than a hateful word, since an action has the potential to cause physical or emotional harm, whereas a word does not.

Are there any ways to scientifically explain how Jesus' Miracles might have worked?

There are various ways that Jesus' miracles could be explained scientifically. For example, some could argue that Jesus used sleight of hand tricks to make it appear as though he was performing miracles. Others could argue that Jesus took advantage of people's gullibility and used psychology to make them believe that he was performing miracles. Finally, some could argue that Jesus had knowledge of natural healing remedies that were not known at the time, and used this knowledge to heal people.

Which Headhunters do Union Square Ventures use when staffing up their start ups?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the type of headhunter that Union Square Ventures uses will depend on the specific needs of each start up. However, some of the more common headhunting firms that Union Square Ventures has worked with in the past include Korn/Ferry International, Heidrick & Struggles, and Russell Reynolds Associates.

How can I edit a scanned document?

You can use an online editor like Adobe Acrobat or Google Docs to edit scanned documents.

What is the most frequent problem faced by air traffic controllers?

The most frequent problem faced by air traffic controllers is managing the flow of aircraft within the airspace. Other problems can include communication difficulties, weather conditions, and equipment malfunctions.

Would you marry a man that had multiple DUIs and killed a woman drunk behind the wheel of a car?


Did BTS V sell his soul to the devils and wished that he should be handsome?

No, this is not true. There is no evidence to support this claim.

I believe ycombinator now accepts companies only with traction. Is that true?

I am not sure if this is true or not, but I believe that Y Combinator does look for companies that have some sort of traction before they will invest.

Is there a website or tool that allows you to broadcast/ask the same question on multiple question and answer websites?

There is not a website or tool that allows users to broadcast the same question on multiple question and answer websites. However, users may be able to post the same question on multiple websites by manually creating separate posts on each website.

After hearing Mother Earth's plight, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva, along with other gods, went to Kshir Sagar. Why didn't they go to Goloka?

There are numerous reasons why the gods went to Kshir Sagar instead of Goloka. Some of these include:

1) Kshir Sagar is a more spiritual place than Goloka. It is said to be the place where the gods meditate and contemplate.

2) Kshir Sagar is a more peaceful place than Goloka. There is no fighting or competition among the residents of Kshir Sagar.

3) Kshir Sagar is a place where one can learn more about the spiritual truths of existence. In Goloka, on the other hand, focus is mainly on enjoyment and material pursuits.

4) Kshir Sagar is a place where one can cultivate detachment from the material world. This is something that is not possible in Goloka where everything is focused on material enjoyment.

Is it okay to show third person scenes of the non-main character in a first persimmon POV novel?

There is no definitive answer, and ultimately it is up to the author to decide what works best for their story. Some writers find that third person scenes can be effective in fleshing out the world and providing additional insight into the characters, while others prefer to keep their focus squarely on the main character's perspective.

How often do beautiful men smile at unattractive women in public just to make their day?

I do not know the answer to this question.

What’s the most amazing part of the human body?

There isn't one answer to this question as different people find different parts of the human body amazing for different reasons. Some might say the brain is the most amazing part because of its complex network of neurons that allow us to think, feel, and move; others might say the heart is the most amazing part because it never stops working to pump blood throughout our bodies; and still others might say the immune system is the most amazing part because it protects us from harmful bacteria and viruses. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide which part of the human body they find to be the most amazing.

Why do books have different covers?

Covers serve as an advertisement for a book and can help readers select books that they might be interested in. Different covers can also signify different versions or editions of a book.

Why is the sugar industry placed nearer to the agricultural fields?

Sugar is a type of agricultural product. The sugar industry is placed nearer to the agricultural fields because it is easier to transport the sugar from the fields to the industry if they are close together.

Speculation: what's the most likely way in which the situation in the middle east will be resolved?

There is no one answer to this question as the situation in the Middle East is constantly evolving and there is no easy solution. However, some possibilities for resolution include international diplomacy and negotiation, economic sanctions, and military intervention.

How would you want to receive the daily devotional messages on the Gospel?

I would like to receive the daily devotional messages on the Gospel through email.

Are the items at Nordstrom Rack really at discounted prices or just lesser quality products?

Nordstrom Rack carries discounted items from Nordstrom, as well as other brands. The items are typically a mix of last season's fashion, clearance items, and returns. Nordstrom Rack does not sell lesser quality products, but the selection may be more limited than what is available at Nordstrom.

Where can one buy 1 rupee revenue stamps in Gurgaon?

One can buy 1 rupee revenue stamps in Gurgaon at any post office.

Is it true that 78 percent of NFL players go bankrupt two years after retiring?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is no thorough and reliable study that has been conducted on the financial status of NFL players after they retire. However, there are various estimates and reports from individual players that suggest that a large number of NFL players do experience financial difficulties after they retire. In 2010, an estimated 60 percent of former NFL players were either bankrupt or under severe financial stress just a few years after retiring. In 2012, another report found that 78 percent of former NFL players were either bankrupt or facing serious financial problems within two years of retiring. These reports indicate that a significant number of NFL players do experience financial difficulties after they retire, though it is unclear exactly what percentage of players are affected.

The vertical one meter long rod casts a shadow 150 cm long. What is the height of a column whose shadow is 36 m long at the same time?

36 m

Is it rude to use air quotes in a conversation?

No, but it might be confusing.

Is Trump a benevolent fascist?

No, Trump is not a benevolent fascist.

What is the required score to get into BITSAT?

There is no specific score required to get into BITSAT. However, students need to secure a high score in order to get into their desired course and college.

What happened to prevent a quick US victory in Korea?

One reason it took the United States so long to defeat North Korea was that the country was heavily fortified. There were few roads and bridges, making it difficult for troops and supplies to move around. Additionally, North Korea had built a series of tunnels underground which protected their troops from airstrikes.

Is the United Kingdom an open class system society?

The United Kingdom has a relatively open class system compared to other countries. However, there are still some barriers to social mobility.

Has there ever been a time in our universe that there was more or less matter than right now?

We don't know for sure, but there is evidence that the overall amount of matter in the universe has been pretty much the same since the Big Bang.

Why is "Don't Be A Menace To South Central While drinking Your Juice In The Hood" not available anywhere to watch legally online?

There is no official explanation, but it is likely due to a combination of rights issues and the movie's relatively low popularity.

Who is the greater Punjabi rapper: Bohemia or Yo Yo Honey Singh?

This is a difficult question to answer as both artists have a large following and are very popular in the Punjabi rap scene. While Yo Yo Honey Singh is more mainstream and commercial, Bohemia is considered to be more underground and has a stronger connection to the roots of Punjabi hip hop.

Who wants to learn Turkish? I want to learn English. I’m looking for native English speakers who are also eager to learn Turkish. We can practice via video or voice chat.

When will the surrendering stage end and union begin in the Twin Flame Journey?

The surrendering stage of the Twin Flame Journey is when the Awakening occurs. The union stage of the Twin Flame Journey is when the two Flames merge into one.

What was the central idea of FDR's "Four Freedoms" speech? How did he accomplish this (What rhetorical devices did he use?)

FDR's "Four Freedoms" speech sought to establish a set of ideals which he believed to be universal and inalienable rights. To this end, he listed four specific freedoms which he contended were inherent to all human beings: freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. He delivered this message in a clear and concise manner, utilizing rhetoric which painted a picture of a world in which these freedoms were Order Generic Viagra 120mg Concord It is our deepest hope-and I think the deepest hope of all mankind-that some day this plan of peace may become a reality."

What are some of the Bollywood/Hollywood movies based on silly logics/assumptions?

-Bollywood: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Jab We Met, Dostana
-Hollywood: My Best Friend's Wedding, The Parent Trap, The Proposal, Stranger Than Fiction

Do other INFJs usually just follow and do what they're interested in and just ignore any external activities needed to be done like work, or is this the opposite?

There is no universal answer to this question, as each INFJ is likely to have their own way of approaching life and its various responsibilities. However, it is generally true that INFJs are more likely to follow their own interests and intuition rather than blindly following external expectations or rules. This independent streak can sometimes lead INFJs into conflict with authority figures or those who prefer a more traditional, conformist approach to life.

Could ocean warming lead to a chaos event where humidity switched to a heavy mist promoting a Venus style run-away heating event? I think this is daft, but is it?

From what I understand, a "chaotic event" is one that is highly sensitive to initial conditions, so that a small difference in the starting point can lead to a completely different outcome. I don't think ocean warming could lead to a chaos event in the sense that you're asking.

When the fertility rate is near 2, what does this imply?

The fertility rate is near 2. This means that women are having close to the number of children required to replenish the population.

What is the order of seat allotment for the MDS NEET entrance exam? Does OMFS (oral and maxillofacial surgery) stand first?

The order of seat allotment for the MDS NEET entrance exam is as follows:

1. OMFS (oral and maxillofacial surgery)

2. Paedodontics

3. Conservative dentistry & endodontics

4. Prosthodontics & crown & bridge

5. Periodontics

6. Public health dentistry

If communism is built around supporting the poor and working classes, how can it be remolded into a dictatorship as demonstrated by the Soviet Union and China?

The answer to this question is difficult to determine, as there are a number of possible explanations. One possibility is that the Communist leaders in these countries became corrupt and used their powers to exploit the people instead of help them. Another possibility is that the Communist system itself is inherently flawed and prone to abuse by those in power. Whatever the reasons, it is clear that Communist regimes can be easily transformed into dictatorships if the leaders are so inclined.

What are some interesting rules in baseball that fans don't know?

1. If a pitcher hits three batters with pitches in one game, he is automatically ejected from the game.

2. A runner cannot lead off first base until the pitcher has released the ball.

3. If a runner steals second base and then is caught stealing third base, he is automatically out.

4. A pitcher cannot intentionally throw a pitch at a batter's head. If he does, he will be automatically ejected from the game.

Are the religious elements in the 1990 film ‘Ghost’ in any way close to Jewish theology?

There are some similarities between the religious elements in the film and Jewish theology, but there are also many differences. Jewish theology teaches that there is one God who created the universe and who is interested in human beings. It also teaches that human beings have free will and are responsible for their own actions. There is a belief in life after death, and in a heavenly world where people will be reunited with their loved ones. There is also a belief in reincarnation. The film ‘Ghost’ includes some of these beliefs, but it also includes other elements that are not part of Jewish theology, such as the idea that a person’s spirit can haunt or possess other people.

Did Buddha really reject the teachings of the Vedas? What were his views on Hindu philosophies? Don't both Buddhism and Hinduism teach the same things?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it can depend on interpretation. In general, however, Buddha did reject many of the ideas put forth in the Vedas. He disagreed with the idea of a caste system, for example, and instead believed that all beings were equal. Additionally, while he respected the Vedas as a key part of Hindu tradition, he felt that they were not necessarily representative of absolute truth. Instead, he advocated for a more personal, experience-based approach to understanding reality.

What is a good way to convey to others that you don't like attention from others?

One way to assertively communicate this is to say, "I don't like attention," when someone is seeking your attention. Another way to do this is to avoid eye contact, or to keep a distance from the person who is trying to get your attention. You could also say something like, "I'm not comfortable with too much attention," or "I prefer to stay low key."

How do I download mods for Minecraft PC?

The easiest way to download mods for Minecraft is to visit a site like CurseForge, which hosts a wide variety of mods. Once you've found a mod you want to install, simply click the "Download" button on the mod's page, then follow the on-screen instructions to install it in your game.

What are some travel hacks for budget travelers in India?

The first thing to do is research your destination. You need to know what the attractions are and what the costs are for each activity. Make sure to factor in the cost of accommodation, food, and transportation when you are budgeting for your trip.

One great way to save money is to use public transportation instead of taking taxis everywhere. Another way to save money is to eat local food instead of dining in restaurants all the time. And lastly, try to find free or discounted activities to do while you are in India.

How do I make a paper gun to shoot anything?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. You can find many instructions for making paper guns online or in magazines and books. However, generally speaking, you will need to fold a sheet of paper into a gun shape and then tape or glue it together. Once your gun is assembled, you can use a rubber band to provide the tension needed to shoot objects from the barrel. Experiment with different designs and materials to find the best method for making your own paper gun.

Why is my PC crashing while installing Nvidia drivers?

There could be a number of reasons why your PC is crashing while installing Nvidia drivers. It could be due to incompatible hardware, a corrupt or damaged driver file, or a problem with the Nvidia software itself. Try reinstalling the drivers from scratch, or downloading and installing the latest drivers from Nvidia's website. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Nvidia customer support for further assistance.

Will Infosys consider mechanical pass outs 2018 for an internship?

There is no set answer, as Infosys may or may not consider mechanical engineers for internships on a case by case basis. However, students who are passionate about a career in the tech industry should consider applying, as Infosys has been known to be open to candidates with diverse educational backgrounds.

Is there any point in learning R if you already use Python for data science?

There is no right answer to this question since it depends on individual preferences and opinions. However, some people may find that learning R can complement their Python skills by providing them with another tool for data analysis. Additionally, R has a large user base and online community, which Python users may find helpful when seeking advice or resources.

This girl at school keeps calling me “puppy” and “doggy” because I occasionally wear a dog collar. It’d be embarrassing to get a teacher involved. How do I make her stop?

There are a few things you can do to get this girl to stop calling you names. First, you could try ignoring her. If she sees that her name-calling isn't getting any reaction from you, she may eventually give up. You could also try talking to her directly and asking her to stop. If she doesn't listen or if the name-calling continues, you can always speak to a teacher or school counselor about the situation.

Why do I feel stupid and feel my friends are smart? Sometimes, I do something stupid, and I ask why I am doing that. I want to be smart.

There is no single answer to this question. Individual differences in intelligence are largely determined by genetic factors, but the environment also plays a role. Some people may feel they are not as smart as their friends because they have not had the same opportunities to develop their intellectual skills. Others may feel they are not as smart because they score lower on IQ tests or other measures of cognitive ability. And some people may simply have a negative view of themselves that makes them believe they are not as capable as other people.

Can you truthfully state you have never mentally applied the n-word in some situation in your life?

No, I cannot.

Why do tattoos not get removed by the natural replacement of skin cells?

Tattoos do not get removed by the natural replacement of skin cells because the ink from the tattoo is actually embedded in the dermis, which is the second layer of skin. The epidermis, or top layer of skin, does naturally shed cells, but the ink from a tattoo is not located in this layer.

Can straight people get monkeypox?

Yes, straight people can get monkeypox. The virus does not discriminate based on sexual orientation.

What is the most outrageous thing your local political heroes are doing in your community?

Our local politicians are currently fighting over whether or not to build a new stadium for our football team. The team owner has threatened to move the team if we don't build him a new stadium, and the politicians are stuck in a stalemate.

Around how much money does it cost to start a peer-to-peer lending company?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of starting a peer-to-peer lending company will vary depending on the specific business model, regulatory environment, and other factors. However, a recent report from PwC estimates that it would cost between $20 million and $30 million to launch a new peer-to-peer lending platform in the United States.

Which college in Pune is best to study psychology?

Fergusson College

How does an average American decide whether he wants to be a Republican or a Democrat?

In the United States, people generally self-identify as either a Republican or a Democrat. However, there are many factors that can influence an individual's decision, such as family history, economic status, religious beliefs, and social issues.

What do you think about a 12-year-old reading young adult romance novels?

I think that it is perfectly fine for a 12-year-old to read young adult romance novels. There is nothing wrong with reading books that are meant for a younger audience, and in fact, it can be quite beneficial. It can help a 12-year-old to develop a better understanding of relationships, and can also provide some insight into the challenges and joys that come with being in a romantic relationship. Additionally, reading young adult romance novels can simply be enjoyable, and can provide an escape from the everyday stresses of life.

My mother is yelling at everybody and it's nighttime. What should I do?

You should try to talk to your mother and calm her down.

Andy Roddick aside, why has the U.S. failed to produce an elite mens singles player in the last decade?

There is no one answer to this question. Some possible explanations include a lack of access to quality coaching and facilities, a lack of financial support for young players, and a general decline in the popularity of tennis in the United States.

Why do so many people buy econoboxes, when in reality they are little death machines in an accident?

There are a variety of reasons why people might purchase an econobox car. Some people might believe that they are getting a good deal on a vehicle, while others might simply prefer the style or features of an econobox car. However, one of the main reasons why these types of cars are so popular is because they are generally much more fuel efficient than other types of vehicles. As gasoline prices continue to rise, many people are looking for ways to save money on their transportation costs, and an econobox car can help them to do just that.

If I buy a Roku player, will it interfere with Netflix if I have it?

Roku players are designed to work with Netflix, so you should not have any problems using the two together.

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