๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘‰ When an Executive Assistant sources a lead for an Investment Bank and a deal is closed, what percentage should be paid out?

When an Executive Assistant sources a lead for an Investment Bank and a deal is closed, what percentage should be paid out?

"โœ…๐Ÿ‘‰ There is no set percentage, but typically an Executive Assistant who sources a lead for an Investment Bank and a deal is closed would be paid a commission of 1-5%."

Kaela Lehner

What companies are profiting from the BP oil spill?

Some companies that are profiting from the BP oil spill are Halliburton, which was contracted to do the cement work on the well, and Transocean, which owned the rig that exploded.

How many people think that I should go to the church parade wearing an animal rights T-Shirt when the theme is caring for creation?

There is no definitive answer to this question as people's opinions will vary. Some people may think that it would be a good way to raise awareness for animal rights, while others may think that it would be disrespectful to the church's theme.

Why does full anesthesia cost more than local anesthesia?

Full anesthesia numbs the entire body and affects the patient's breathing, so it is considered a more complex and dangerous procedure than local anesthesia, which only numbs a small area.

What is the most promising business in 2017?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on various factors such as the type of business, location, and the current economic climate. However, some businesses that may be promising in 2017 include healthcare, technology, renewable energy, and e-commerce.

Is the Vdix customised hair regime really helpful?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it will vary depending on individual circumstances. However, many people find that following a Vdix customised hair regime can be helpful in keeping their hair healthy and looking its best.

If a trans woman asks how she looks and wants to look feminine, but still has too many masculine aspects present in her look, do you inform her of this?

Yes, I would inform her of what masculine aspects are present in her look.

What is the "official" reason Jon Snow was able to leave the Night's Watch?

The official reason is that Jon Snow was given leave by Alliser Thorne.

It seems like weโ€™ve had telephones for decades, but the sound quality of phone calls has remained the same. Why is this?

How does end-to-end quality perform better than telephone quality for all phone calls? Find out about the answer!

First, it is an economy of scale. The've been around for decades, so the costs of making and maintaining a phone line are now very low.

Second, there is a competition among telephone companies to offer the best quality service. They all want your business, so they are constantly trying to improve their technology and service.

Third, the quality of phone calls has improved over the years as new technologies have been developed. For example, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows for much higher quality calls than traditional phone lines.

I have read that Bach's six part fugue's theme is the Royal Theme. What exactly is a theme?

A theme is typically a melody or phrase that serves as the main idea or subject of a musical composition. In Bach's Six Part Fugue, the Royal Theme refers to the main melody or phrase that is used as the basis for the fugue. This theme is likely based on a royal anthem or other similar melody that was popular at the time.

How can you have different router signals around my building?

There can be several reasons for having different router signals around a building. One common reason is that the building materials can block or interfere with the signal. Another reason can be that the router is not powerful enough to reach all areas of the building.

When did the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pretty much become the "main LDS church" rather than just one of several churchess of relatively similar sizes within the Latter Day Saints Movement?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints pretty much became the "main LDS church" in 1847 when it moved to Salt Lake City.

Will gymming hard to develop my muscles affect my running in any way?

If you are working out to develop bigger muscles, this can actually affect your running negatively. This is because adding extra muscle mass will make you heavier and will require more energy to move your body.

How have employers recently been able to become so picky about only employing people who have work experience?

The growth of the internet has made it easier for employers to find candidates with the specific skills and experience they are looking for. In addition, the recession has led to a increase in the number of people seeking jobs, which gives employers a larger pool of candidates to choose from.

What are some of the best meet up groups in Bengaluru?

Some popular meetup groups in Bengaluru are:

1. Bangalore Tech Meetup
2. Bangalore Pick-Up Artists
3. Bangalore Startups
4. Bangalore Software Product Management

Should I use average or median when working out the "average" amount of days a client stays with one of our services? This is to work out team goal baselines/something we can aim for so that we can work on retaining clients for longer.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the data set and what you are trying to achieve with the goals. If you want to find out the typical length of time a client stays with one of your services, then median would be the best measure to use. However, if you are trying to find out the average amount of time a client stays with one of your services, then you would use the mean.

What are TV Parental guidelines?

The TV Parental Guidelines are a set of codes and ratings that have been introduced in the United States for television programs. The purpose of the codes is to help parents choose what their children watch on television.

Does army intelligence have field agents?

The U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) is responsible for deploying field agents.

If it becomes independent, will Scotland be able to choose its own foreign allies? Could the Auld Alliance with France be revived in some form?

The Scottish government has said that it would choose its own foreign allies if Scotland became independent. There is no guarantee, however, that the Auld Alliance with France would be revived in some form.

Do you have a cute picture of your rescue pet?

We'd love to see it!

Click here to upload a photo of your rescue pet.

Were venomous snakes a major issue during the Vietnam War for American soldiers?

There were certainly snakes in Vietnam, and some of them were venomous. However, there is no evidence that they were a major issue for American soldiers during the war.

When you clean cigarette smoke from walls, should you wear gloves to not absorb the chemicals in the cigarette smoke?

Yes, you should wear gloves to not absorb the chemicals in the cigarette smoke when you clean it from walls.

What changes are typical for those following a Greek diet?

Some changes that are typical for those following a Greek diet are eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. They might also eat less meat, dairy, and processed foods.

What is the active voice of " My mobile has been repaired before you come "?

The active voice of this sentence is "I will repair my mobile before you come."

What draws the most power in Bluetooth wireless earphones: amplification and speaker audio or the Bluetooth radio? Informal tests with Sony, Apple, and other others seem to show louder sound == shorter battery life (pointing to the audio circuits).

The audio circuits draw the most power in Bluetooth earphones.

Which state's flower is actually a tree part?

The state flower of Louisiana is the magnolia blossom.

Is it true that 2% of men prefer women with skinny thighs, and 2% prefer fat thighs, but 96% prefer something in between?

There is no definitive answer to this question as preferences vary from person to person. However, a survey of 1,000 men found that the majority (60%) prefer women with medium-sized thighs, while 20% prefer skinny thighs and 20% prefer fat thighs. Therefore, it is safe to say that the majority of men prefer women with thighs that are neither too skinny nor too fat.

Living in a split home, Neighbor cleaning with heavy cleaners, that reek through the divider (door that separates the house in 2 dwellings ) and causes my family severe allergies and headaches. Is there any legal recourse to tell them to stop?

You can ask them to stop using the cleaners, but they are not legally required to do so. If the fumes are coming through the door, you might want to try sealing the door with weatherstripping or installing a door sweep.

Is it rude to refuse money from relatives who often give it as a gift? I have graduated from college and working now.

It is not rude to refuse money from relatives who often give it as a gift. If you do not want to accept the money, you can politely decline the offer.

What was the most innocent situation that went 0-1000 in your life?

The most innocent situation that went 0-1000 in my life was when I was five years old and my mom took me to buy a ice cream cone.

Dr. Abdul Kalam said his day starts at 4 am and ends at 11 pm, with 5 hours of sleep. Is it easy to follow such a routine?

There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on a variety of factors, including one's level of energy, motivation, and commitment.

How many Navy ships are at sea right now?

There is no way to determine exactly how many Navy ships are at sea right now. However, as of January 1, 2019, the United States Navy had 285 ships in active service.

Who is a perfectionist in the K-pop group TXT? Who goes too hard on himself?

In the K-pop group TXT, Taehyun is a perfectionist who goes too hard on himself.

What do the words you'll hear during NASA's moon mission launch really mean?

NASA is planning to launch a mission to the moon in the near future. Here are some of the terms you might hear during the launch:

Liftoff - This is the point at which the rocket leaves the ground.

Boost phase - This is the initial phase of flight, when the rocket is powered by its engines.

Ascent phase - This is the second phase of flight, when the rocket starts to slow down and enter orbit around the moon.

Descent phase - This is the final phase of flight, when the rocket starts to descend towards the surface of the moon.

Landing - This is when the rocket touches down on the surface of the moon.

How can I continue with Free Code Camp after I got three certificates? Is it compulsory to become a supporter?

No, it's not compulsory to become a supporter.

Why do most kpop live act feel and sound like Karaoke act?

There are a few reasons for this. First, most kpop songs are highly produced and use a lot of auto-tune and other vocal effects. This can make it difficult for live performers to recreate the sound of the song. Second, kpop songs often have very complicated choreography that the performers have to focus on while singing. This can make it difficult to sing live and still perform the choreography perfectly. Finally, kpop audiences are notoriously demanding and expect perfection from their idols. This can put a lot of pressure on kpop performers to make sure everything is perfect during their live performances.

What if Future Trunks died instead of Gohan?

If Future Trunks died instead of Gohan, the world would have been destroyed by the Androids.

Are all high IQ people good at math and chess? I have an IQ somewhere above the 99th percentile, but unlike stereotypes people have, I am not amazing at math and Iโ€™m also terrible at chess and other strategic games.

No, not all high IQ people are good at math and chess. There are many different types of intelligence, and just because someone is good at math or chess does not mean they are automatically smart in other areas. There are many factors that contribute to someone's intelligence, so it is impossible to say that all high IQ people are good at math and chess.

Can God really be omnibenevolent after creating the devil, watching all the wars from the beginning of time, and is against homosexuality after also being omnipresent?

No, these two characteristics are incompatible. If God is truly omnibenevolent, then He would not have created the devil or tolerate wars. If He is against homosexuality, then He must not be omnibenevolent since that would entail accepting all people and treating them equally.

Who seems like the most intelligent GOP presidential candidate?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as each of the GOP candidates has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. However, some experts believe that Ohio Governor John Kasich might be the most intelligent candidate in the race, due to his many years of experience in government and his reputation as a policy wonk.

Hasn't the competitive idea and nature of our politics produced the divisions that we see today?

Haven't we now proven that competition doesn't produce cooperation?" The president was not proposed to a royal forms of government where the majority ruled, but a republic and constitutional forms of government where we have having strong independent states and individuals with some Liberty left to them at all. It's been said that competition breeds the superior product, and modern hi-tech exists because private businesses compete to get their product out first. Like it or not, competition is the force of human affairs that drives innovation and improved products, be they goods or services. Let's talk about laws and what they mean: (1) Nature's Laws - examples - mass attracts mass; if you close your hand while touching hot iron, you will be burned; (2) Manmade Laws - examples - if you break sandals on a man's feet, you get stoned; if you kill a man in battle, you sit down on a pile of stones for 30 days without any cover against the rain or the hot sun; If that does not stop your hair from growing ten fiber lashes in next seven days from today and give certain erections all night long... I did everything wrong, don't listen to me!!! but rather given voting rights for wealthy citizens; I am reminded that our fathers would rather fight the British than be a slave under their yoke. Our founders' idea of fighting tyranny seems instead Left to us a legacy of thousands of different laws that are impossible to learn and apply. For example, USA has over 60 % known tax deprived laws only... I am reminded that big blue pills shrinked my hard-as-stone 7/26/2018 penis at least by one third while red bull pills by Levis running shoes by two thirds... That is why Mr Obama woke up in sloughs called White Hause every day before 6 am when it was dark outside... which were politically foolish ideas driven by political leanings rather than rational common sense with fear to loose the public vote. As an example, I do remember one very stupid "No Rules Rule" because everyone knew how to pick bananas then: if you want banana equal $ 4999, it has 4999 rules written down as "The Document" or "The Bible Of Rules". Can anyone guess what? All generalizations are false! To make things worse, in this day and age, we have politically correct people who insist on revisions. Mike Masterson - ARKTIIESMIMS It feels like We've become not so much

Malaysia has too many unfollow agreements with the British about culture racism. Can North Borneo leave Malaysia and beg the British to colony us again?

This is not a question that can be answered easily. While it is possible for North Borneo to become a colony of the British again, it is not clear if there is enough support for this among the people of North Borneo. Additionally, the Malaysian government would likely oppose any such move.

Can fear be reversed or eliminated from our minds chemically rather than mentally through meditation or something else like that? If yes, how can this be done?

It is possible to chemically alter the fear response in the brain, but it is not possible to eliminate fear entirely. Medication can help to reduce the intensity of fear, but it cannot completely eliminate it. Meditation and other forms of therapy can help to reduce fear by teaching people how to deal with their fears in a more constructive way.

Why does the death penalty cost more to execute then a life sentence behind bars?

Factors that contribute to the high cost of the death penalty include the cost of housing death row inmates, the cost of legal representation for death row inmates, and the cost of carrying out executions.

What is the most abundant organic compound in "living organisms", protein or carbohydrate?


Batteries don't seem to share the same exponential pace of improvement like solar panels and computer chips. Is there a physics reason for this?

Batteries are limited by a number of factors, including the kinetics of the reactions taking place inside them, the entropy of those reactions, and the migration of charge carriers across the electrodes. All of these factors are governed by the laws of thermodynamics, which tend to limit the efficiency of chemical reactions. Additionally, batteries tend to degrade over time as the reactions taking place inside them cause corrosion and build-up on the electrodes.

Do guys like it when girls dress modest?

No definitive answer exists, as different guys have different preferences. Some guys may like it when girls dress modestly, while others may prefer more revealing clothing.

How many gallons of gas does a Subaru Forester hold?

Many newer Subaru Foresters have a fuel tank capacity of 15.9 gallons.

Why did polarised voters set to plunge Spain further into chaos as Catalan crisis looms over the snap election?

There are a number of factors that could have contributed to this outcome. First, there is the ongoing issue of Catalan independence, which has been a major source of tensions in Spain for years. This issue is highly polarizing, and many voters may have cast their ballots based on their stance on this issue. Additionally, the economic situation in Spain has been challenging in recent years, and this may have also played a role in influencing voters' choices. Finally, snap elections can often be highly unpredictable, and it is possible that voters simply made their choices based on which party they felt would best be able to govern the country effectively in the current climate.

What are some jobs that require running?

Many jobs require running including, but not limited to, being a doctor, police officer, firefighter, and mailman.

What could happen to the Air India cabin crew after privatization?

The Air India cabin crew may be outsourced to a private company.

Why do young people hate phone calls?

There are a few reasons young people might hate phone calls. First, phone calls can be interruptions. A phone call can interrupt whatever someone is doing, and if that person is busy, they might not appreciate the interruption. Second, phone calls can be awkward. Sometimes it's hard to know what to say on the phone, and people might feel like they're being put on the spot. Finally, phone calls can be frustrating. If someone is trying to communicate with someone else and they keep getting interrupted by phone calls, it can be frustrating.

How do you use the method of Variation of Parameters to find a particular solution of the ODE y''-y = \frac{e^x}{e^x +e^{-x}} ?

We are looking for a particular solution of the form y = u(x)v(x), where u(x) and v(x) are the two linearly independent solutions of the homogeneous equation y'' - y = 0. To find v(x), we note that v''(x)-v(x)=0. We can use the method of undetermined coefficients to find a particular solution of this form. We solve for u(x) by plugging this ansatz into the original equation. This gives us


Solving for u(x), we get


Now we use variation of parameters to find a particular solution by solving the following system of first order ODE's:

u'(x)=\frac{1}{v(x)}*\left(\frac{e^x}{e^x+e^{-x}}-v'(x)^2\right), v'(x)=1,
with initial conditions u(0)=0 and v(0)=1.

What happens if, after a probationary period (in the context of employment), an "end of probation" review doesn't actually happen at the end / at all?

If an end of probation review doesn't happen at the end of a probationary period, the employee may feel like they are not being held accountable for their performance. This could lead to the employee feeling like their job is not secure, and they may start to look for other opportunities.

Can an IAS officer play fantasy sports?

Yes, an IAS officer play fantasy sports.

Is vitamin B complex good for the skin?

There is some evidence that vitamin B complex can help to treat skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis. However, more research is needed to confirm these benefits.

Should the son of the Sheriff work as an assistant DA in the District Attorney Office of the same jurisdiction?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it would depend on the specific circumstances involved. Generally speaking, however, it may be advisable for the son of a sheriff to avoid working as an assistant DA in the same jurisdiction in order to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Why is there such huge support for answers against Modi these days?

There is no one answer to this question. Some people may support Modi because they agree with his policies, while others may oppose him because they disagree with his policies. There is also a possibility that some people may simply be following the trend of supporting or opposing Modi without fully understanding the reasons behind their support or opposition.

Why would a depressed person tend to isolate himself/herself most of the time, and how can I help?

There are many reasons why a depressed person might isolate himself or herself. Some people may be embarrassed or ashamed of their condition and feel like they need to hide it from others. Others may simply not have the energy or motivation to socialize. And still others may find that being around other people makes their symptoms worse.

If you are concerned about someone you know who is isolating himself or herself, you can reach out and offer your support. Let the person know that you care about them and are there for them. Offer to spend time with them, go for walks together, or just talk on the phone. If they are resistant to your attempts to connect, don't take it personally. Just continue to offer your support and let them know that you are there for them whenever they're ready.

Is England furniture owned by lazy Boy?

I don't believe so, no.

Why Maharashtra needed to pay bills for the special forces during 26/11 operation when the attack was on the country and a failure from coastal guards, security agencies, and central home ministry?

The government of Maharashtra was responsible for the security of Mumbai city during the 26/11 attack. The central government did not have enough forces to protect the city and had to rely on the state government to provide security.

Is it okay for my dad to walk around me naked even with a boner?

No. It's not okay for your father to walk around you naked, even if he has an erection.

Why are questions submitted by conservatives deemed as a violation of the Quora "question policy"?

There is no universal answer to this question, as it varies depending on the specific policies of the website in question. However, one common reason why questions submitted by conservatives might be deemed as a violation of the question policy is if the website in question has a policy against political questions. This is because questions about politics often tend to be highly controversial and generate a lot of debate and arguments, which can be disruptive to the website's community.

Why do I have to pay nearly ยฃ1,000 for my citizenship application in the UK?

The application fees for citizenship in the UK are set by the Home Office and are subject to change. As of April 2019, the fees for citizenship applications are ยฃ1,330 for adults and ยฃ1,008 for children under 18. These fees cover the cost of processing your application, taking the citizenship test, and attending a citizenship ceremony.

Should a 22 year old hangout with a 16 year old? My friend hangs out with a 22 year old who asked her out but she said no. they ended up hanging out and getting high together. she told me and I really don't support it. am I right to be worried?

If the 22 year old has asked your 16 year old friend out, and she has said no, then he is not respecting her wishes. If they continue to hang out and use drugs together, it is not a healthy or safe situation. You are right to be worried.

Why some people don't realize they are wrong until it is too late?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many factors that can contribute to someone not realizing they are wrong until it is too late. It could be due to pride, stubbornness, or a lack of self-awareness, among other things. In some cases, people may simply be unable or unwilling to see the error of their ways. Whatever the reason, it can often lead to disastrous consequences.

What are the school's expectations for its students?

Schools typically expect their students to attend class regularly, complete assignments and exams, and adhere to the code of conduct.

Is there any retailer other than Flipkart & Amazon that sells books at dirt-cheap rates?


Is it logical to study in the USA for undergraduation being a wheelchair user?

It is possible to study in the USA as a wheelchair user, although it may be more difficult than for someone without a disability. There are a few things to consider:

- Whether the campus is accessible. Most colleges and universities in the USA have some level of accessibility, but some are better than others. It is important to check with the school ahead of time to see what accommodations they can offer.

- Whether you will be able to find housing that meets your needs. Again, some campuses are better equipped than others to accommodate students with disabilities.

- What kind of support services are available. Many schools have disability services offices that can help with things like arranging for note-takers or getting access to textbooks in alternate formats.

Overall, it is possible to study in the USA as a wheelchair user, but it is important to do your research ahead of time to make sure that the school you choose can meet your needs.

How can I nominate someone to give a TED talk presentation? I found a perfect candidate and I would like to know how I can get this person on that stage to share their story.

The best way to nominate someone to give a TED talk is to fill out the online form on their website.

How do I contact Instagram by phone?

There is no phone number for Instagram, but you can contact them through the help center on their website.

What could be some existing technology so advanced, that we look at it uncomprehendingly just like a pidgin may look at a space shuttle?

Some existing technology that may be seen as advanced to some people is a space shuttle.

If the croissant was invented in Austria, why does it have a French name?

The word "croissant" comes from the French word for "crescent," which is the shape of the pastry.

In one sentence, how would you describe the phenomenon of Donald Trump and his followers?

Donald Trump and his followers are a phenomenon of Fear, anger, and hate.

How good is Michigan Tech for an MS in Electrical Engineering?

It is a very good school.

Is Virtual Reality the social revolution of the 21st century waiting to happen?

It's possible that virtual reality could become the social revolution of the 21st century, but it's also possible that it will simply become another tool that people use for entertainment and social interaction. It's too early to say for sure what its ultimate impact will be.

Is Fate/Kaleid part of the Fate series?

No, Fate/Kaleid is not part of the Fate series.

Do you feel small around multi-talented people?

No, I don't feel small around multi-talented people.

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